Where to find best bacteriostatic water for sale

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Bacteriostatic water contains a certain percentage of benzyl alcohol and it is effectively used to dilute and dissolve medications. Owing to the essential ingredient benzyl, it can be used multiple times without the risk of exposure to the contaminating bacteria.

As you can understand, the combination of benzyl and sterile water makes it feasible for repeated use from a 30ml plastic vial. In this article, we cover the essential aspects you should know about the bacteriostatic water and the places where you can buy it. Consider this article as a guide if you have limited knowledge of bacteriostatic water and its proper use.

Places to buy bacteriostatic water

Bacteriostatic water is available at all the pharmacy outlets. You can also order it from the leading shopping portals like Amazon. Ensure checking the percentage of benzyl alcohol which is 0.9% to get the desirable results. It is better to check out the stores that offer a discount for bulk orders.

Since the bacteriostatic water is inevitable for medical purposes, ordering bulk quantities can prove to be cost-efficient.  For your information, you can also make bacteriostatic water, but it can be a hassle if you lack the proper knowledge. Thus, it is feasible buying them online or from local pharmacy stores. You can take a look at https://ebac-water.comto know more.

Usage warnings

For your information, benzyl alcohol which acts as a preservative in bacteriostatic water for injections is known to have toxicity in neonates. However, there is a lack of adequate information on the toxicity of other preservatives in this group. The use of sterile water, free from preservatives is indispensable for diluting medications for use in neonates. Intravenous use of bacteriostatic water minus a solute can lead to hemolysis.

Usage warnings


Refrain from using bacteriostatic water for Injection, USP intravenously if you are unsure about the osmolar concentration of additives. You must refer to the instructions of the manufacturer while choosing it, i.e. the right dilution or volume for dissolving the drugs that you require using. Additionally, keep a close eye on the route and rate of the injection.

Do not forget to inspect the diluted or dissolved drugs for clarity. That is, it should be free from unexpected precipitation or discoloration before trying to administer it to someone. So far, there is a lack of concrete evidence of whether bacteriostatic water for injection is safe to administer during pregnancy.

Thus, it is best not to use it on them unless and until there is no other option. Similarly, there isn’t enough evidence if bacteriostatic water for injections is safe for pediatric use. Thus, it is not advisable to use it for pediatric cases, unless it is an emergency.

Interactions with bacteriostatic water

Not all drugs for injections may be compatible with bacteriostatic water containing benzyl alcohol. Before using it with the bacteriostatic water, you should confirm the same else it can lead to unfavorable results. Remember using an aseptic technique for single or multiple usage and withdrawal from the containers.

After dissolving and diluting drugs, you should mix them properly and use them immediately. It is not advisable to store the diluted solution with bacteriostatic water for injection unless it is stated safe by the manufacturer.

Bacteriostatic water overdose

The bacteriostatic water use should be limited as a diluent or solvent. Generally, the said preparation does not pose a threat of fluid overdose. In rare cases, it can affect small infants. We already mentioned earlier, you should take the utmost care while using them for pregnant and infants. If there are symptoms of overdose, re-evaluate the patient, and take appropriate measures to restore normalcy.