What to know about Microsoft Word 2016?

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On October 25, 1983, Microsoft released a word processing platform under the name Multi-Tool Word, later on, it was named Microsoft Word. Since then, various new versions of the platform have been introduced with several updates that make the user work in an easy manner. You can easily create a variety of documents using this amazing application.

A text-based document can be formatted, manipulated, saved, printed, and shared using this application. Nowadays Microsoft Word is the most widely known and used word processor. From a student to a professional worker, each one has come across this application and have created some of their valuable documents.

What are the uses of Microsoft Word?

Besides creating documents like letters, resumes, forms, and so on, Microsoft Word can be used in many places and for many other purposes. These are given below: 

  • You can also use Word for home-based work like for creating birthday cards or shopping lists to print.
  • Microsoft Word can be used to create assignments as well. You can use different formatting, fonts, and styles to make your assignments more appealing and attractive.
  • It’s a great tool when it comes to educational purposes. Teachers can prepare various documents using clipart, images, audios, videos, and many more to explore innovation in students.
  • If you are planning to create a book, article, or newsletter, Word is for you. The variety of features offered by the platform helps the user to create and print the books or any such documents.
  • You can use Word in business and the workplace for bills, cash memos, and so on. Microsoft Word provides various templates for business or workplace uses such as you can create letterheads, receipts, and other types of accounts management related work.

What are the features of Microsoft Word 2016?

  • Tell me: This feature is used to look for the required commands that you are unaware of. According to the need, it suggests you the commands and tools
  • Draw tab: The new Draw tab consists of various draw and ink tools to assort your work by illustrating the document. It facilitates you with the following:
    • Add more pens
    • Start Inking tool
    • Use your to draw
    • Ink behaves like shapes
    • Tilt your stylus to shade
    • Animate your inked images
  • AutoCorrect: The AutoCorrect option helps you to correct the misspelled word. If you have misspelled any word and need some suggestions, just right-click that word and a list of suggestions will be displayed.
  • Ink Equation: You can create an equation using a touch stylus or mouse and the resultant can be converted into computer text.
  • Smart Lookup: The Binged powered feature offers the users absolute research related to any word. All you need to do is right-click a specific word, phrase, or statement and select Smart Lookup. Without leaving the Word application, all the relevant information will be displayed to you in a pane that will appear to the right. If you are a regular user of the Word application and come across new words or phrases on a regular basis, it’s the most useful feature for you.
  • Format Painter: In case, you want to apply previously applied formatting to some other elements, this feature is for that purpose only. It lets you copy the formatting of one element and apply it to the other one.
  • Sending emails: To send your document as an email, you can just click the Share button. In case of multiple documents, try the Mail Merge feature.
  • Simpler sharing: If you have a saved document on OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, or SharePoint as a link or an email attachment, you can easily share it just by using the Share button.
  • Real-time typing: If you are saving your document on OneDrive, you can easily do real-time typing (editing) in the document by just logging in to your Word 2016 account. It also facilitates you by saving your data automatically that means on every edit that you make, you don’t need to save it as it will automatically be saved.
  • Optimized ribbon: You can customize your ribbon and add other features to a custom Quick Access Toolbar. If you prefer a bigger document screen, you can hide the ribbon. Although the ribbon is very well-organized, you can customize it as per your need.
  • Improved version history: Whenever you save a document to OneDrive, Word 2016 creates a separate file for each version. This facilitates you to revert the file to its previous version. 
  • Co-authoring in real-time: The documents that are saved on OneDrive and have been shared with someone can be edited by everyone who has access and can see each other’s edits.
  • Video-chat with Collaborators: You can chat or videos call the people who have access to your document.
  • Start Where you Left Last Time: When you reopen a file, Word will show you a bookmarking feature displaying where you left last time.

Microsoft Word is undoubtedly the most widely used platform for word processing. With each new version, Microsoft releases some new features to make your work easy and appealing. You can master the Microsoft Word 2016 application by referring to the Microsoft Office Word 2016 Expert (77-725 & 77-726) course offered by uCertify.

This course will also help you with the 77-725 & 77-726 certification exam as it is entirely based on the certification’s exam objectives. The course offers various labs, quizzes, videos, and many other items to provide you the hands-on experience on the platform. It includes topics like Introduction to Word 2016, Designing the Word environment, Inserting graphic objects, collaborating with documents, Securing documents, and many more. You will surely have great experiences with the course so make sure to check it!

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