What is NEET – Eligibility, Exam & Preparation

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Aspiring medical candidates who want to make their career in the fields of medicine always have a query what is NEET? In this article, you find the perfect answer for the query of what NEET is. The articles contain – What is NEET, eligibility criteria for NEET, syllabus, and exam preparation for NEET.

NEET test is that the qualifying test for all MBBS programs. Even the aspiring candidates for the BDS program should qualify for the NEET test for admission to the dental college.

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Even the aspiring students who seek to pursue a career in medical aid, veterinary, or the other parallel medical courses should crack the NEET test. NEET test is barely the one test that’s taken for the overall medical courses in India.

NEET is conducted by a certified body referred to as the National Testing Agency (NTA). NEET test is that the national eligibility test for all candidates aspiring career within the medical field.

Full-Form of NEET

NEET Test stands for National Eligibility Entrance. Formally the NEET test was referred to as the All Indian Pre-Medical check (AIPMT). Even formally this test was conducted by the Central Board of medicinal activity. However, currently, National Testing Agency (NTA) approved the body for the NEET test.

What is NEET – Eligibility Criteria, Syllabus, test & Preparation

To apply for the NEET exam you must be eligibility criteria. Let us have a look over the eligibility criteria to apply for the NEET exam. They are as listed below.

Eligibility Criteria

All the candidates who want to apply for the NEET test should qualify for the set criteria. The set criteria for NEET by NTA areas are listed below.
The nationality to apply for the NEET exam is as follows.
• Citizen of India
• Nonresident of India (NRI)
• Foreigners
• An overseas national of India (OCI)
• A person of Indian origin (PIO)

Age Limit

The age limit to apply for the NEET exam is as listed below.
• The student showing for the test should be at least seventeen years.
• The maximum regulation it’s recently modified by the court. As of now, there’s no most limit to use for this examination.

Educational Qualification

The criteria for educational degree areas are listed below.
The candidate should have cleared ten + two standards with mandatory subjects like physics, chemistry, and biology. A candidate should to a minimum of score fifty percent marks in 12 th class.

Even the students in the 12th class can apply for the NEET test
Once you have received the admit card the method of the NEET test starts with the offline check. If you have got cracked the NEET test then register for the net counseling session. Opt for the universities in line with your alternative by selecting the preference of your choice.

NEET Syllabus

The course of study of the NEET test is set by NTR. Biology, physics, and chemistry are the most important core subjects of the NEET test. Some topics are asked out of the course of the study therefore be ready for that.

As per the national medical commission (NMC) you should revise your textbooks of the eleventh and twelfth categories of the subject’s physics, chemistry, and biology. Build all of your basics from the text to and it’s progressing to assist you in your NEET test.

The main subjects within the NEET test area unit as below.
• Physics
• Chemistry
• Biology

NEET test Details

• The total period of the test is of three hours
• The test isn’t online and is offline
• Paper is offered in eleven varied languages
• Questions that the area unit asked
• The paper may be a total of 720 marks with a negative marking

Tips to prepare for the NEET exam
The various tips and tricks to crack the NEET exam are listed below.

Make all your basics clear
As we have seen above NEET exam has almost the biology, physics, and chemistry syllabus. So if you want to appear for the NEET exam starts with your preparation from the 11th class onwards. And make all the basics of all these 3 subjects clear. So that NEET will be easy for you to crack.

Key Notes
Make a habit that when you study make charts for formulas and keynotes for important points. This will help you in revision and save your time at the time of the examination. Keynotes also make your understanding better.

Revision is a very vital process. Make notes and keep revising them. This will make all your concepts clear and perfect to understand.

Solve Papers
Solve as many of last year’s papers as many you can. So that you get a pre-hand practice of the exam. And you will not get panic at the time of the exam. It will give you the experience of the NEET exam. Do not forget to set the time while solving the practice papers as well.

Time Management
Look forward that you distribute the time evenly between all the 3 subjects. Because all the 3 subjects are important to practice.

To sum up, this was all about what is NEET exam. We hope you understood what is NEET – eligibility criteria, syllabus, exam, and preparation.
Good Luck with your exams!

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