WebAR: The Next Big Move in Marketing & Advertising

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Augmented Reality is on the rise and is being used in various apps to create a better user experience. It has become the next big thing, and apps that have AR like Pokemon Go, ASOS, IKEA, are providing an immersive experience to their users.

However, developing AR-powered games & apps compatible with all the different types of smartphones and operating systems is hard. Moreover, it can be tricky to convince users to download the app. To solve these problems, people started looking into WebAR.

What is WebAR?

WebAR refers to web-based augmented reality experiences that allow you to experience AR via your smartphone without downloading any app.

Setting up a WebAR is very easy. Here is a step by step guide:

  • Develop a custom URL that will open the user’s smartphone browser.
  • Next, it will ask the camera permission, and you are done.

As soon as the user provides the permission, the URL will start delivering the Augmented Reality experience.

WebAR has taken marketing and advertising by storm, and this is the perfect time to use AR, as due to Corona, many people are not leaving their homes, and using WebAR, you can let your users try all your products at their homes by just a few clicks.

Thanks to the widespread use of WebAR, the AR market is currently valued at around $16.6 billion and is predicted to grow to approximately $198 billion by 2025.

Benefits of using Augmented Reality for Marketing and Advertising

1. Emotional Connection

Unlike images and banners, AR ads are interactive and lifelike: consumers can see and even interact with them. Augmented Reality ads provide the users with a 3D experience that seems real, and therefore, the marketer can establish an emotional connection through the fantastic experience.

Let’s take an example: suppose a company has released a new product and used a billboard to promote the product. If they add AR to it, the passenger can point their phone over the billboard, and it will show them the video of the product; how do you think it will feel? What do you think will be interesting, just a billboard or an AR-added Billboard?

It will feel like something amazing just happened, and people will love it. They won’t be able to forget it, and that is what true marketing is. You have to create such an experience that they cannot forget.

Besides driving the sales, these experiences can help you increase your brand awareness, and nothing can be better than that. People will recall your brand if they have a positive experience, and you can make it happen using WebAR.

2. Money-saving Advertisement

There has been a boom in digital ads, and many businesses are using them to promote their business. Although traditional print ads are not obsolete, they are useful only if you print your ad in some trendy magazine. However, it would be rather expensive to place an advertisement in some trendy magazine.

Augmented Reality advertisement is budget-friendly, and you can target the right audience using it. Of course, the price may vary according to the quality of the ad.

The price also depends on the type of advertisement. There are two main types of Augmented Reality: Marker-based and Location-based. The marker-based ad is more affordable than the location-based ads as it uses a marker on which the customer has to point their smartphone to interact, and the location-based ad will overlay the content based on the user’s location.

3. Boost sales

Advertisement is now not limited to just showing the product. Thanks to AR, now you can let everyone try your product virtually.

Imagine that you want to buy some sunglasses online, you like one, but you are not sure how they will look at you and suit your face. This is the reason why many do not buy things online. Now, what if you try them? Augmented Reality can let them try all your products and thus give a feel of traditional shopping and trying everything in their homes’ comfort.

Augmented Reality solves the one problem of online shopping that many feel, and that is not being able to try the products and see how they will look on you. This will definitely drive sales.

4. Improving hyperlocal advertising

How about selling your Air Conditioner at a place where the temperature is no more than 8 degrees?

To sell your product, you have to target your product to the right audience, and this is a case that is not possible with the traditional advertisement. The conventional ad will show a shaving machine ad to women too.

Advanced machine learning algorithms are used by digital ads that can analyze the users’ behaviour and interests and, therefore, can show the right ad to the right person. You have to pay the price to display the ads to the right person only. This makes your advertisement project much cheaper and more effective.

Tips for incorporating Augmented Reality into your advertisement and marketing

New technology always comes with more benefits, and if you want to be more effective, you should always make use of the latest technology. New technology is the chance that every business needs to be above the competition, and WebAR is that chance for you.

Now, if the benefits convince you to use WebAR for advertising and marketing, here are some tips on how you should incorporate AR in your advertisement and marketing

1. Keep it simple

There is no need to go full out and develop another pokemon go to promote your business. Keep your advertisement as simple as possible to deliver the main message to the audience.

For example, if you want to promote a shoe product, do not make a game that people have to finish, and then the winners can unlock the advertisement. Adding games can be good, but not for everyone. Therefore keep your advertising and marketing as simple as possible. Straightforward is the new effective when it comes to AR experience.

2. Make it useful

Augmented Reality experience is fun, but the fun is not everything it can do. You have to use it more as a tool and less for fun. If you use it as a gimmick, it will soon get old and boring, but if you use it to send a message for brand awareness or use it for advertising or showcasing your product, it will become a handy tool, and it will never get old or boring.

3. Keep your brand image consistent

All your marketing campaigns must stay true to what your brand is. Your customers expect to have the same experience whenever they interact with your brand. Therefore, they should feel the same when they interact with your Augmented Reality Advertising or Marketing Campaign.

Do not get overwhelmed by the possibilities of AR and cost your brand image.

4. Consider all the limitations

A prime example of this is Redbull. They ran a campaign in 2011 at Subway where people can scan a QR code to interact with the AR version of the brand. But it was a colossal failure.

Reason: The network at the subway is feeble, and although people wanted to interact with the brand and have the AR experience, they were not able to do so due to connectivity issues. Therefore you should try to plan your campaign correctly, and you should also consider every possibility.

5. Provide Proper Instructions

Some people are tech-friendly, but many are not, and it can be challenging for people to understand what you want them to do.

Let’s say if Pokemon Go wouldn’t have told us that we have to roam around the real world to catch pokemon, who would have understood this by themselves. To have a fun experience, people will do what you tell them to do, but you must first provide them with proper instructions.

6. Prepare a proper workflow

The main reason you are implementing the AR is that you want to boost your sales, but you have to design a proper workflow first. You have to come up with a workflow that will push your target audience down the marketing funnel. When you use WebAR, you show your ads to only the targeted audience; therefore, you have leads that can buy your product. All you have to do is create a proper path for them to interact with your brand and buy the product.


WebAR is becoming extremely popular as it creates an immersive experience for all the users, and a person never forgets a great experience. This is the perfect time to sync your marketing and advertisement with AR and have all the benefits. Target the right audience with something neat using the WebAR, and you will see your sales and brand awareness grow.