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Unknown Facts About Websites to Watch Anime!

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In the past few years, anime has gained a huge fan base worldwide. The journey starts in Japan when not all countries allow their citizens to browse websites to watch anime. There is a lot of hidden struggle behind the current success of the Anime world.

Most people still find it as cartoons, but it isn’t. Creating animation videos is far more difficult than cartoons. Thanks to the people behind this world, who are working very hard to entertain the whole world’s people with their creativity. We are here today to share some unknown facts about anime, which will be very surprising for all of our readers. Let’s dive into the anime world!

 Anime Schools in Japan

Everyone knows that Japan is the creator of anime, but not all the fans knew, In Japan has declared it an individual subject. There are more than 40 schools that have announced anime as a necessary subject for all the students. The next thing is more surprising, as you won’t believe that there are more than 130 anime voice-over schools dedicated to educating people about this wonderful world.

Earning the biggest anime hit movie

Makoto Shikanai’s “your name can’t understand” is the biggest hit in the anime world. If we calculate all the movie’s critical and commercial collections, it would be more than #335 million worldwide. The unique and fictional storyline of this movie has made it stand out from other movies. The most surprising thing is that many of the locations are truly shown in this movie.

Longest Running Anime Series

Sometimes a few series get so popular that the creator loves to make more and more episodes. The same thing happened with “Sazae San,” which holds over 7500 episodes. Each episode is five to six-minute longer. Manga Nippon Mukashibanashi is the second larger series in the anime world, which holds over 1400 episodes of about 25 minutes each.

Voice Over For one character

As we said earlier that anime isn’t just cartoons, as it takes a lot of effort. “Eucliwood Hellscythe” is one of the most famous characters of the anime world, mostly used to keep mute. But you won’t believe that more than 22 actresses have given their voice to this character to make it unique enough. You can search now for this character on websites to watch anime, and you will find different voices for each fantasy and action.

Voice Recorded In Outer Space

If you really want to know the efforts and hard work of creating anime, then this fact is enough. “Space Brother” is one of this world’s biggest hits, which involved a guest appearance of real-life astronaut Akihiko Hoshide. To make it unique, the director decided to record this character’s voice in an international space station.

The invention of Fifty New Colors

“Akira” is one of the most critically acclaimed series in the anime world. It holds a total of 2212 shots and 160000 single pictures. The series is about two to three times longer than usual anime videos. All the scenes were decided to shoot at night due to requirements. Akira has broken all the Japanese anime industry norms and used over 327 colors in the movie. For the requirements of some tough scenes, the director has invented fifty new colors.


Next time when you browse websites to watch anime, then crosscheck once that all these factors are true or not. We assure you that you will get shocked after watching these facts with your eyes. If you have got our facts surprising, then please comment below.

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