Tips to Improve Your Recruiting Speed

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In the race for the best candidates, employers who do not delay with a job offer win: good specialists are not ready to wait long.

“There are companies and positions where long-term hiring – up to several months – is the norm. This mainly applies to grocery IT companies, where quality is more important than speed. In this case, candidates most often do not think about changing jobs at all and are ready to “play long.” But in areas where line personnel is involved, the timing of recruitment is critical, and the processes are accelerated as much as possible.

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How to Speed Up the Recruitment Process?

“Analyze: Do you have a clear recruiting process that you and your hiring managers perfectly understand? Is it easy for the recruiting participants to explain the goals of the vacancy and describe the candidate’s competencies? It is essential to research the recruiting funnel in your company, which often consists of dozens of stages: searching for candidates, evaluating a resume, telephone interview, test assignment, personal interview (with a recruiter and a manager), a job offer.

At what stage do problems usually arise? This “pain” must be addressed first. For example, if few candidates apply for a vacancy, there may be a problem in the description, and you need to work on it. If newcomers often leave on probation, they probably had overestimated expectations at the recruiting stage, so it is essential to find a balance here.

Create a Job Profile

“This is the main reference point for the employer. It will help you understand exactly who to look for, harmonize the vision of the hiring manager and the recruiter in order to be as efficient as possible in hiring at all stages, ”the expert explains.

Analyze the goals and values of the company, describe the roles and tasks for the position for which a specialist is needed, and based on this – competencies, knowledge, skills, education, experience, and other essential criteria.

Correctly Describe The Vacancy

The candidate should immediately understand what the employer expects of him and whether his experience meets the requirements from the text. “Clearly describe the goals for the position, responsibilities, and the required competencies. And of course – the benefits that the company offers (for example, remuneration and social package), opportunities for development that are interesting to your candidates, ”the expert recommends.

According to Vladimir, before the crisis, it was desirable to add images to the vacancy – for example, photos of an office and comfortable workplaces. And now, when the world is adapting to the consequences of the coronavirus crisis, the employer’s stability has become especially relevant and attractive for candidates – that is, it is helpful to write in the vacancy why your company is stable and can give confidence in the future. For example, she has many large clients, and sales are growing amid a general decline. Stability and sustainability are now more critical than progressiveness.

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