Myths Surrounding LASIK Eye Surgery

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While the benefits of getting a LASIK eye surgery are certainly compelling enough, there are many misunderstandings people have about the subject. There are many things that people assume about the procedure that isn’t really true.

Let’s dive right into the myths and wrong notions people have about the procedure:

Myth# 1: Everyone is a Candidate for LASIK

This is certainly wrong information because there are cases in which LASIK might end up making things worse. For example, if someone suffers from irregular corneal diseases, viruses, and diseases pertaining to the eye, LASIK isn’t the right option. Furthermore, the presence of diabetes is also an influential factor that makes it impossible for the person to have LASIK without complications. Similarly, people who are suffering from autoimmune diseases won’t qualify as the right candidates for the surgery.

Myth# 2: LASIK is Painful

Anyone who has been through the surgery can vouch for the fact that there is no pain involved. Not only will your surgeon administer a numbing agent to reduce any chances of pain, but the overall process only involves a simple laser. Therefore, it’s impossible to feel pain even though there might be slight discomfort and irritation. Considering that you’re exposing your eye to an intense amplification of light, it only follows logically that you feel slight irritation.

Myth# 3: LASIK Causes Blindness

On the contrary, LASIK has helped reduce the chances of blindness even in patients who had no hope of recovering their eyesight. Even in the most severe and unanticipated worst-case scenarios resulting from complications in LASIK, there haven’t been any recorded cases causing blindness. Needless to say, you can consult any professional in this regard to confirm that your chances of getting blind after LASIK are zero.

Myth# 4: You Won’t Need to Wear Glasses Anymore

Although the main aim of LASIK is to reduce the effects of refractive errors and other eye problems, the chances of completely rectifying all problems are not much. While it may improve the overall situation considerably, it’s not going to miraculously heal everything. So, you might not want to throw out your glasses and lenses just yet. LASIK aims to treat conditions to bring it further away from extremities such as complete or partial blindness. However, you’ll need glasses to drive or read.

Myth#5: There Are Undiscovered Side-Effects of LASIK

This is perhaps the most absurd myth you’ll ever hear about. Every medical procedure, before being cleared by the FDA, is subject to numerous researches and surveys. As long as there are unknown variables and consequences to surgery, it’s never cleared by the global agency. Thus, it’s safe to say that a process as sensitive as LASIK which pertains to none other than the eye health of people, has been tested thoroughly. 

It’s true that all surgical procedures do have their risks and associated complications depending upon the surgeon and the equipment used. However, even that doesn’t mean that there are unknown consequences or side effects of the procedure that doctors don’t know about. 

There are other myths apart from these that also play an important role in developing people’s opinions about the surgery. The most common of these is the one that says that the procedure and its results remain the same regardless of the person performing the procedure. That is perhaps the worst misconception you can have. Because all surgeries, no matter what type they are, are dependent on the specialist/expert/surgeon performing them.

Conclusively, you can trust LASIK eye surgery and the doctors at esteemed clinics such as with your procedure. Needless to say, you’ll be happy with the results. 

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