Moisturizing the skin with creams and lotions

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People who have dry skin go through a lot of trouble in winters. The skin is dehydrated and tight due to dryness in that season. Night creams and moisturizers often become the integral part of a daily routine to neutralize the dryness of the skin.

The reason for skin dryness is that the skin is not able to produce the oils of reasonable amount that is necessary for a good skin. However, in the summer season, the problem of skin dehydration and itch is controlled to some extent. But this does not mean that people with skin dryness do not have to use moisturizers in the summers. A lightweight and soothing moisturizer can keep your skin hydrated and fresh.

But selecting the right product to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated is a bit complicated due to the vast variety of products available in the market. For example, you need to think whether you should buy a lotion or a cream? Whether you should buy a product from the famous Saeed Ghani, or from any other store? There is a difference between these two, and knowing the difference between the two can help you make the decision.

One major difference between a body lotion and a body cream is that the lotion comprises more liquid content. This liquid is the blend of water and some oil. This fluid makes the lotion very lightweight and thin, but at the same time it is typically non-greasy.

Creams, on the other hand, also consist of water and oils as an ingredient, however, the amount of oil in creams is much more than that of a lotion. As a result, creams are more dense and thicker as compared to lotions. Due to its thickness, creams are usually packed in tubs or jar containers. Creams have much better skin hydration properties as compared to lotions. Also, creams are greasier.

The best lotion for dry skin absorbs in the skin very quickly since it is thinner. For people who have normal and mild dry skin, body lotion is a good option to keep their skin nourished and soothed. The lesser greasy effect of the best lotion for dry skin also makes it very convenient to use whenever and wherever. It can be used in winter and summer both.

Body cream also keeps the skin moisturized and prevents crack and dryness. In the harsh winter season, body creams have proved to give extra hydration to the skin. However, it is better to avoid body creams on the face, unless the dryness is excessive. You can apply body creams to the legs, feet and hands.

Heat and humidity both can be among the causes of dry skin, however, humidity usually has more effect on the skin. The skin moisture is reduced when the humidity is low. Using a humidifier is also one of the remedies to avoid skin dryness.

Choosing the right skin product that suits your skin type is very important. If the moisturizer you are using is not producing the results, you might consider changing the product. You can easily find high quality skin care products at Saeed Ghani that you can definitely use with confidence.

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