Lip Plumping. That’s It, That’s the What’s In

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Big, voluptuous lips ready to spill the secrets. Soft, plump lips ready to kiss and tell. Who doesn’t want them? Every woman desires such a set of lips. There is something about an attractive pouted mouth that looks natural enough, but you can still tell the difference between the natural state and the after-the-treatment state. And when I say the treatment I mean using a lip plumper device.

No fillers, no injectable, no pain. Just the same ol’ lip plumper. Well, not that old, because it is actually the newest revolutionary cosmetic product that gives results without having to suffer the consequences of instant lip fillers. Let me tell you something more about it.

The Background of Lip Plumper

The very first Lip Plumper appeared on the market as a direct answer to the quest for an alternative of plumping the lips other than lip fillers. No mentioning of brand names here, as this is not an article to promote it (chuckles). The results were excellent – with the help of essential oils infused with some spicy ingredients, the lips looked naturally swollen as if a bee has stung them.

These essential oils include cinnamon, wintergreen, and ginger, as well as Capsaicin. This product set off a cosmetic frenzy, and the beauty market opens one more spot for a new category – the lip plumpers.

Present Day Lip Plumpers

Today, you can find lots and lots and lots of brands of lip plumpers, and normally, they don’t work the same way. Some are more effective, some are not, but they all promote instant results that last for a certain time during the day.

There are such that have a system for tingle regulation so you can choose how hot and spicy the formula will feel on the lips. These kinds of lip plumper device are also used for collagen treatment as they are said to increase the collagen in the lips up to 20% permanently.

Benefits of Lip Plumpers

So, why would you go for lip plumper and not get lip fillers? Well, even though lip fillers’ formulas are said to be safe nowadays and mainly consisted of hyaluronic acid, there are serious side effects that can still happen.

These side effects include excessive swelling, allergies, activating cold sores, asymmetry of the lips, bleeding and prolonged pain, as well as stiffness and unnatural look for days. The effect will last more than lip plumpers; however, after several months, the procedure must be repeated, which means injections, shots, and pain all over again.

Here enter the lip plumpers. Lip glosses that have an instant effect (instant as in after a couple of minutes). You might feel a little burning sensation, but it is entirely normal. That is just the ingredients that are increasing the blood flow in the lip area.

You might think of it as natural swelling after a bee sting. The effect is visible even though it is not a vast difference from the standard look of the lips. What happens is the lips become plumped and seem bigger.

The common misconception that the lip plumpers don’t work is that people expect that it would change the shape of the lips, which of course, is impossible. The lip plumper only enhances their plumpness for a while and help you be more self-confident and happy with your look.

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