How to Stage Your Home Beautifully Yet Cheaply?

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When it comes to selling your home, staging is one of the most important factors to make a quick sell. However, traditional selling is a rather expensive and time and energy consuming solution which most people can’t take advantage of due to low budget. In such cases, DIY home staging is a possible option that can satisfy both the seller and the potential buyer. Here is how it can be done effectively.

Throw Away Everything Unnecessary

Declutter the place. Throw away all of the things that have a personal value or are not functional for future use. Clean the rooms, leaving only the furniture pieces that you intend to sell the place with and clean the surface to be spotless. A neat and tidy appearance immediately raises the visual appeal of the rooms.

Repaint the Walls

Another effective renovation that will pay off is repainting the walls. Choose neutral colours as you are trying to promote the house to a wider audience with different tastes. Thus, going neutral is the safest choice when it comes to appealing to the preferences of potential buyers. Stay away from bold paints like red, pink, orange or green and focus more on the decorative details in the rooms.

Decorative Details

The decoration is very important. If you are doing it DIY home staging style, keep it to the minimum yet choose powerful items that will make a statement about the room. You need elements that will scream comfort, cosiness and welcoming atmosphere. Let’s go room by room to see what are some of the suggestions.

⮚      Living Room

The living room can’t do without some wall art or an art painting that complements the design of the room. Placing a tray on the coffee table is another trick that enriches the experience of casual encounters and talks on the sofa with friends. A table lamp or a floor lamp is needed to add to the illumination power in the room. You can also choose accent lighting above the art piece on the wall or several ceiling sconces placed over a counter or another focal point. Don’t forget to put greenery in the corners of the room as well.

⮚      Bedroom

The master bedroom should be gender unspecified. It should appeal to both women and men because you don’t know who is going to buy the house, whether it will be a family, a single mom or dad or single people looking to transform the home into a bachelor pad. For that purpose, choose bedding that is not attractive only to one of the sexes. On the nightstand, you can put table lamps or some aromatic candles in arrangement with small white stones.

⮚      Kitchen

The kitchen should be spotlessly clean and functional. Make sure that all the appliances you are leaving behind are properly working while all the cupboards are cleaned and empty. On the dining table, put a vase with fresh flowers in it and let as much natural light as you possibly can.

⮚      Bathroom

The bathroom shouldn’t have rugs or towels. It is the most intimate place of the house, so leave it completely depersonalised. Make sure that the whole place is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. You can leave an air refresher with aromatic notes that fill the space and a bottle of liquid soap on the washbasin.

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