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How To Choose A Home Inspector

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When a property is bought or sold, there is a lot to be considered and take care of. An unbiased assessment of the condition of the property is a necessary part of the real estate transaction. That’s when a home inspector comes into the picture. Hiring a reliable home inspector is crucial for both home sellers and buyers. 

A seller can use an inspection report to see what needs to be fixed before they list their property and a buyer can use it to see if the property is worth their money. So, both the parties involved have to hire a qualified and certified home inspector. It’s normal to search for an affordable home inspection but here is how to do it without compromising your safety! 

Know What’s Included In The Inspection And What’s Not         

More often than not, the homeowners set unrealistic expectations of a home inspector. If you truly want to make informed decisions, take some time out to research what a home inspection is. More importantly, look at what is not included in a home inspection report. 

Keep in mind that a home inspector will only provide you a report at the end. They will not be making any decisions for you so make sure you are hiring an inspector that is both qualified and trusted by the masses.

Google Your Town And Home Inspection Companies

It may seem quite basic but the quest for the best companies starts from a simple Google search. Asking around for some solid advice is always a great idea but you can also get a good grip on the best field professionals from the comfort of your couch. 

Google your town name with home inspection companies and you would see some of the top-ranking companies in your area. Take a look at their official websites and read online reviews about them. Check ratings on BBB.

Make Sure The Inspector Is Certified

The credentials of a home inspector are important. Make sure you are only hiring inspectors who are members of such associations as InterNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors) or ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors), NAHI (National Association of Home Inspectors), or NIBI (National Institute of Building Inspectors). You don’t only need an inspector to be knowledgeable but also diligent and conscientious.

Interview Prospective Inspectors

The best way to screen out the best home inspectors is to conduct interviews with them. Meeting an inspector is always a great idea but the current pandemic situation has ruled out this possibility. Arrange a virtual meeting and ask any or all of the questions you have in mind. The most important is about their experience and qualifications. 

Ask about the total time your home inspection will take, what will be the costs, availability of the inspector, and the ancillary services. List out the ones who know their job and are ready to take you in the loop.

Request For References

Don’t forget to request references. The best home inspectors will not hesitate to give you the contact details of their previous customers. Working with an Experienced Home Inspector is always a great idea. They have handled several houses and can identify serious issues in a property even when there are no visible signs. Talk to the people who have previously worked with them.  

Compare Home Inspection Reports

Request a sample of home inspection reports from each home inspector you are interviewing. Request reports from at least three different inspectors and compares them.

Don’t Be Afraid To Walk Away!

If your instinct tells you to walk away, do so. There are several other inspectors out there ready to serve you.

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