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How Celefi is helping startups with brand promotion?

By January 18, 2021 No Comments

If you are starting a new business, only you know how money matters to you and how to use them properly along with saving a fraction of it as a backup.

Here, in this blog, we are going to discuss the same topic. No, no, it’s not about the ways to use money, it is actually about making the most out of the Brand promotions through a low-cost deal.

The very first question that I am going to elaborate on is “Why is branding important for startups?” or you can say “How does promotion help a business?”

Brand promotion or branding is a method through which the brand interacts with the customers. Through branding, the values and beliefs of the brand, how the brand can make lives easier, who will be benefitted, etc., can be explained.

Several other benefits of it include:-

  1. Makes the business stand out from its competitors:- Branding is helpful in making the image of the business in the market along with explaining how it is different from its competitors. Through this, the brand can convey the message to the audience about how it is going to benefit them.
  2. Helps to stay in the market for a longer time:- When you see that your inputs are giving you the results, you need to be more consistent and thereby it requires more effort than before. You need to constantly interact with your customers through ads, social media posts, promotional videos, and other marketing campaigns.
  3. Makes the brand more visible:- More visibility, more trust. It is therefore directly proportional. As consumers will trust the product you sell, automatically you will get a hike in sales. Visibility also plays a major role in getting the market. It is also responsible for attracting more and more investors and stakeholders.
  4. Branding improves traction:- I am going to explain to you this by an example. If you have a baby in your house then what are you going to feed him? A branded nutrient supplement or an unbranded one? It is very clear that you are going to choose the first option. It is only because you trust the branded product as it had already proved its beliefs and values. Therefore, branding plays a pivotal role in improving the traction of the product.
  5. Makes a strong image in the market:- There was a time when people were trusting the ads they watched on TV, magazines, newspapers, banners, etc. Now a time has come that is making people digitalized and therefore they trust the likes, comments, and reviews on a product on social media sites. For this, all you need to do is to approach an influencer to promote your product. This will indeed pay you a lot of traffic over the product and a strong brand image on the market also.

That’s all. Here, we explained the major roles that branding played in the market. Now, you might be thinking about the various methods of promoting your brand if you are a startup or someone who started its business recently.

No worries. We are now going to discuss this.

How do you promote a startup company?

Here, we will be discussing the ways that you can use to promote your startup company:-

  • Emails:- It is pretty sure that most of you have already heard about the term ‘email marketing’. If not, then I am explaining to you. Whenever you visit a website, you can see a pop upcoming on the screen where you have to fill the field of e-mail to get its newsletter. It is a way online businesses are taking the email addresses of people visiting their site to send them notifications, brand promotion videos, etc., and keep them updated with the new services.
  • Social media Branding:- It is an era of digitalization and hence digital marketing is taking the control of the trading ways of marketing. The most popular of them is to run ads on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and many others. Most of the audience will come from here.
  • Blog Branding:- One of the best methods that most companies are using is Blog posting. You can either create your own blog and redirect the traffic there. It can be a source of income. Apart from this, you can create blogs and post them on other blogging sites to drive traffic from there to your website. It is a proven method of creating awareness and henceforth generating more and more leads and conversions.
  • Hire influencers:- People nowadays can showcase their talent through various platforms available with them. So, we can say that there was a time when celebrities ruling the market as brand ambassadors of businesses. Now, it is time for influencers who are using their talent to make a huge fanbase. Obviously, people trust these influencers and hence they are following them. Hiring an influencer will not only increase your brand value, it also makes the people trust your brand because it comes upon the reputation of the influencer if they promote any wrong product.

So far, we have discussed some convenient ways to market your brand as a startup. Basically, I am going to focus on the last point that I mentioned which is ‘Hiring Influencers.’

Paying celebrities or VIPs will cost you much higher. Even sometimes the brand gets overshadowed by the limelight of the celebrities. However, it is an era of Instagram influencers or YouTube influencers or influencers of any such social media.

A single post in their profile will grab the attention of a large fraction of their followers. It is even a convenient and cost-effective method of getting the products endorsed. Brand promotion by celebrities is being overtaken by the influencers as peoples tend to spend most of their time using the Internet and social media.

As a startup, you might get very few options for promoting your brand, and approaching celebs for endorsing will charge you millions. Celefi Brand Promotion Company has found a solution for this.

Celefi is providing these influencers to work for you. You can request a brand promotional video or a social media post by their side. Hence, it is acting as a mediator between the influencers and brands. It will just take a few days to get creative and engaging content to attract more and more customers. Hence your request will be fulfilled by them. Celefi is doing this for charity and therefore some money spent by you on promotion will be spent on some good work and spreading happiness.

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