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I interviewed a doctoral candidate a few days ago, and he did not answer several consecutive professional questions.

What do you desire most now?”

He wandered around with his big eyes, and said without hesitation: “Buy a fast computer!”

I didn’t expect this kind of operation in the interview.

I asked why this has become the most desired thing at this stage, and he replied, “Do you really use a computer to run models? Long lonely night, don’t you want to comfort yourself?”

Such a 6-year doctoral candidate must be a rare talent!

So I decided not to admit him.

In the past few years, I have been rushing to and fro in universities and research institutions. My originally introverted personality has gradually become popular in my work style. I act like a working machine under high-intensity and fast-paced rhythms, and absolutely execute work plans without a trace of emotion.

Whether it is famous universities such as Princeton and the University of Pennsylvania, or some small schools and research institutions, almost all economists in these two circles can be on their own. Over time, I know too many outstanding economists, and then I Found a cruel commonality-they don’t use a computer.

Isn’t the salary high? The lowest monthly salary is 30K+, and there are company shares or independent director positions.

Isn’t the technology good? Proficient in all theories and empirical studies, the whole is a versatile.

I asked one of them: I think you are tired of using paper and pen to manually calculate matrices and simulate models all day long. Do you want to use a computer?

He said: nonsense, definitely want to.

I asked: Then why not buy a computer? The top of the is not expensive.

He sighed: No, too busy.

He said meaningfully: Good economists don’t use computers.

The person I was chatting with was a great god. He had completed all the credits and papers in economics tuition from undergraduate to doctoral degree in four years in the university. Even the teacher was surprised. After joining the company, he also independently served as an independent director of several large international companies in his spare time, and his income is also considerable.

He went to the United States to study for a Ph.D. After returning to China, he did not take the money from his family, but took the work papers he saved from working in the United States and went to Beijing to apply for a job.

In the first half a year, he almost ran out of money. He gritted his teeth and refused to tell his family. He refused to borrow from his friends because of the face. He took a credit card loan. Finally, after another one and a half years, he published two American Economic Reviews.

He has never given up the plaid shirt and slippers to grab free shipping.

For such an economist, computers are probably bought casually.

I also know an economist who works in an investment bank

He is the kind of person who can remember deeply even if he calculates the model by hand. He exudes the temperament of an economist. In the past few years, their institutional risk models, quantitative investment models, various large and small simulation strategy systems, it was all calculated by him using paper and pen.

In the economic circle, most people are struggling, like his level, basically appearing on the scene is a full-body luxury goods, with the attributes of a great god.

However, this person is a clear stream in the circle

His biggest hobby is to use paper and pen for machine learning and measurement work, living like a person who traveled through centuries ago.

An economist in this industry can only be self-willed when he reaches the apex of the pyramid. The same is true for him. Sometimes he can’t help himself in the circle and writes some brain-dead functions at the request of weird reviewers and magazine editors.

As an economist, in the face of the market environment where the market is still vulgar and dominant, most people are forced to buy a powerful computer according to their work needs, plus Stata, R and other software tools. Over time, people will become impetuous.

I asked him: How do you maintain a normal mind? When others use computers and software to perform regression and calculations, how can you continue to live so smartly and freely to use paper and pen to calculate the matrix for regression without interference? To your heart?

He laughed and said: Did you never write a composition when you were a kid?

I immediately understood.

Even if it is something you don’t like, you can deal with it professionally, and while compromising appropriately, you still maintain your original creation.

It’s like when we are calculating economic models, we have several sets of software to deal with, to ensure that we will not be mocked by editors and reviewers, we will still use pen and paper in our own world.

After completing the hand-calculated model for the company, he still quietly refreshed the publication record of the top magazine on his resume, which is really admirable.

An economist like him who seems to live as a fairy will certainly not have vulgar expectations for computers. He knows what kind of computer he will meet, so he is not in a hurry.

I hope you understand that the value of economists has always been embodied by paper and pen, rather than by computers and software.

I went out for dinner with a professor friend last week. He said that some of the doctoral candidates he recruited just started thinking that it is not necessary for economists tuition n Singapore to use pen and paper to calculate the model, but should spend more time to configure a suitable and convenient one. Computer software package.

People need to be independent.

Still want to be forever young, always tears in the eyes.

It is still necessary to be full of expectations for beauty, longing for the future, and awe of the classics all the time.

Remember, knowing the world but not the world, being in the world but far away is the kindest mature.


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