What is The Most Expensive Football Stadium in The World

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Soccer or simply football originated in England and soon it became popular worldwide. Now it is played by more than 250 million players in over 200 countries, making it the world’s most popular sport. It has a wide range of spectators and it is one of the most loved sports in the world. There are many famous football stadiums all around the world. However, it might blow your mind if you get to learn how much capital was spent in building these stadiums and also the cost that is required to attend any match.

Let us take a quick look at some of the top and most expensive football stadium in the world.

1. London’s Emirates Stadium:

London’s Emirates stadium is one of the most expensive soccer stadiums in the world. It has a seating capacity of more than 60,000. London’s Emirates is the third-largest stadium in England. This stadium isthe home ground of the world famous English Premier League and Arsenal Football Club.

It has a field size of 114.829 x 74.3657 yards. The surface is made up of GrassMaster. It is England’s second most expensive stadium with a whopping cost of more than 600 million dollars. The tickets for each match ranges from $30 to $90 per ticket with extra parking fee. Excitement of playing the live match in the stadium is ultimate. So, make sure that you book your ticket at lower prices using Live Football Tickets coupons.

2. Allianz Arena:

Allianz Arena is situated in the beautiful city of Munich, Germany. This stadium has a little more seating capacity than that of the Emirates, which is around 75,000. The construction cost of this stadium is more than $800 million. The price for each ticket ranges from $35 to $90 each. The architects of this stadium are Pierre de Meuron and Jacques Herzog. The field size is of 114.829 x 74.3657 yards and the surface is made up of Desso GrassMaster hybrid turf.

3. Estadio Nacional Mane Garrincha:

This famous stadium is situated in Brasilia, Brazil. It has a total seating capacity of about 72,788 with a construction cost of above $900 million. The architect of this amazing stadium is Ícaro de Castro Mello. It has a field size of 114.829 x 74.3657 yards and the surface of the ground is of Grass.

4. Wembley:

The Wembley stadium was opened in the year 2007 in Wembley of London, UK.The cost of constructing this fantastic stadium is approximately $1.2 billion. The architect of this stadium is Populous. The field size is 114.829 x 74.3657 yards. The surface of the ground is made up of Desso GrassMaster.

The Wembley stadium hosts big matches like the FA Cup, League cup finals and also some of the home matches of the national team of England.It has a total seating capacity of about 90,000. This stadium is also called as one of the “elite stadiums” by UEFA.

5. Mercedes – Benz Stadium:

The Mercedes-Benz stadium is situated in Atlanta Georgia, USA.The construction cost of this stadium is around $1.6 billion. The field size is 119.96938 x 53.368329 yards. The Mercedes Benz stadium has a multi-purpose retractable roof. The surface is made up of FieldTurf Revolution 360. Mercedes- Benz stadium has the largest video board in the whole world with a dimension of 62,350 square feet. This stadium can occupy around 73,000 people.

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