Comprehensive Guide to Yoga Teacher Training in India

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If you think that merely practicing different yoga asanas is enough to make you a great yoga teacher then think again. There are many yoga teachers who are unable to move ahead in their journey owing to a lack of in-depth knowledge about this ancient art. Here is when the yoga teacher training comes into the picture.

The yoga teacher training in India is not just about practicing and mastering yoga asanas but also about sharing the knowledge of this ancient art with others. In other words, it is a wonderful opportunity for you to explore the deeper realms of yogic practice. Yoga teacher training offers you a wonderful place to express yourself without any fear of judgment.

With that said, let us find out how you can find the best Yoga teacher training program.

5 Tips to Find the Best Yoga Teacher Training

Although you might be in a comfort zone with a decent earning as an amateur yoga teacher, the yoga teacher training in India gives you a much deeper knowledge of yoga. It helps you understand not just the physical aspects of yoga but also its mental, and spiritual aspects.

Given below are the five tips to find the best yoga teacher training course.

1. The Right Style

Before signing up for yoga teacher training in India you need to be sure about the style of yoga that appeals the most to you. Yoga is an ancient art, but one with multiple layers that include different styles, methods for practicing a yoga pose, and other techniques.

Whether it is Hatha, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Ashtanga, or Tantric yoga; be sure about choosing a yoga style that makes the yoga journey a wholesome experience. Also, consider your yoga experience level before signing up for a particular yoga teacher training course.

2. Certified Teachers

Remember, joining a yoga teacher training would not yield any result especially if you are learning yoga from an inexperienced teacher. You are signing up for the experience of a lifetime and no one would want such an experience to become something they abhor their whole life.

Make sure you research the experienced yoga teachers at the yoga school possess. You need to find out their teaching methodology, experience, and certifications. Make sure the yoga teacher has earned the Yoga Alliance certification. It ensures that you are learning yoga from a highly experienced and knowledgeable yoga teacher.

3. The Right Location

The location plays a vital role when it comes to helping you not just learn but master the sacred art of yoga. For completing your yoga teacher training in India you should definitely choose Rishikesh which is the birthplace of yoga. The high spiritual energy of the place makes learning yoga an experience of a lifetime. Rishikesh has been the home of spiritual seekers for centuries. Millions of yoga lovers both local and international flock to this holy city to learn this ancient art.

4. Cost of Program

One important aspect of the yoga teacher training in India you cannot ignore is the cost of the program. You need not just ask about the course fee, but also gather information about the cancellation and refund policies of the yoga school.

5. The Course Syllabus

The absence of a carefully structured yoga course would cause nothing other than chaos and confusion in your journey to becoming a certified yoga teacher. You need to search for a yoga course that is a mix of theoretical as well as practical lessons on yoga.


Finding the right yoga teacher training in India plays a vital role in helping you become a certified yoga teacher with theoretical and practical knowledge of this sacred art. Make sure you follow the above-mentioned tips when searching for a quality yoga teacher training course.

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