7 Basic Logo Design Tips for Businesses

By July 6, 2021 No Comments

Every business needs a great logo because it is the cornerstone of a successful brand. For example, people instantly recognize the logos for their favorite companies, like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, or McDonald’s.

The best types of logos explain what you do and who you are. Your logo needs to be included in all your marketing materials, such as business cards, social posts, and presentation decks.

Here are 7 logo design tips to help you create the most memorable one for your brand.

  1. Let Pictures Talk

The best types of logos are gorgeous visual representations of a brand. Successfully companies realized they can use their logo to show their audience instead of telling them.

With a simple icon, you can communicate who you are and why your products and services are different. Some of the best brands rely on pictures rather than words for their logos.

  1. Clean Logo Template

If you want to ensure that people can read your logo from afar, you should use a clean logo template. This way, you can take advantage of blank space to invoke a calm feeling instead of fitting too much into a single design. Adobe Spark’s logo maker features templates you can use to make logo designs that inspire others.

  1. Use Shapes

Shapes are great logo examples if you want your design to stand out. For instance, most law firm companies have their name inside a formal box.

This helps achieve a professional look that works well digitally and on letterheads. Shapes add sleekness when designing a logo, which is why you should not ignore them.

  1. Visualize Logo

When you sit down learning how to design a logo, think about how it will look before it is printed. Grab a coffee mug or pen and picture your logo on it.

This is a great design strategy because you will have merchandise with your logo that customers can buy.

  1. Choosing Colors

It is essential to pick the right colors for your logo because this is the first impression you make for your brand. If you use black and white, it may not inspire a feeling of Zen.

Too many colors may make your logo look crowded and intimidating. The key is to use various shades while creating subtle contrasts inside your logo rather than slapping on bold colors together.

For example, consider using different shades of pink for serenity if you run a spa because you need to make customers feel calm with your color choices.

  1. Keep Things Simple

Depending on your business, your logo design can literally show people what you are. If you are an electrical brand, you can have a lightbulb in your logo. Apple has an easy logo with a bite missing from the fruit.

This states the obvious to remind customers which company’s products they are viewing. Leaning into an obvious design is easier for many businesses.

  1. Stick to Basics

It is not necessary to always reinvent the wheel for a new logo. If you have a bakery that sells cupcakes, you can just have a picture of that and your company’s name.

This saves time and money, especially since you do not need much graphic design expertise to create a basic logo.

Why Logo Design Tips?

Digital tools make it possible for anyone to create a quick logo. With the right editing apps, you can also make your own logo using a smartphone. However, it is best to know these logo design tips to ensure that your brand has a memorable one.

Always try different options and ask people around you for feedback to find the right one for your brand. If you enjoyed reading these design tips, check out some of our other posts for more information.