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Artificial Grass Installation Perth Designing And Planning

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Since you looking for the right artificial grass in Perth installation Process, you have landed at the right place. let’s begin first thing first “preparation” cannot this emphasize enough. Preparation is the main the key element of the final result of your artificial grass installation.As good old Aussie saying” devil is in the details”. Planning is the main key to the perfect execution of the job as I will explain step by step how to install artificial grass in Perth Western Australian soil conditions. let’s dive straight into it.Visit here for more detail; Artificial grass Perth.

Before the demolition can commence, all utilities (electrical, gas, water, etc.) including all sprinklers must be properly located to eliminate unnecessary problems. Depending on the preference, the sprinkler system can be capped for use at a later point in time, or we can completely remove it altogether. Any additions or changes to the existing utilities must be accounted for at this time.

A bobcat (where applicable) should be used to demolish your existing soft-scape and/or hardscape surface. In areas where the bobcat cannot access, or if a bobcat is not necessary, other demolition tools be used to remove the hardscape and/or soft-scape. Saw-cutting may be necessary along areas where the foundation is protruding into the usable space in the front, back or side yard areas.

Excavate 100 to 110 mm from the final grade.all depends on what type of artificial grass installation require.lets just say if you want to drive a car on artificial grass it requires a different type of base to support the white of the car.in this case we will remove 100 or 110 mm dirt and install 50 mm of road base and 50 mm of blue metal dust Aussie slang “cracker dust “.normel foot traffic 65 mm blue metal dust is more than enough.as shown in the video below

At this point, if drains need to be installed, this is the time to do so as well as account for proper water-flow away from your Building.

For aesthetics and structural integrity of the perimeter, install garden edging.Garden bed around the outside of your project, where-ever we are butting up against soft-scape surfaces.this stuff is really good.Australian maid infect made in {Adelaide SouthAustralia}

Use a plate compactor to compact the sub-base. This is crucial as we do not want to have any air gaps in our system. If you skip this step, it will lead to undulations or depressions later on.

until this point, all the weeds are gone now this is a good time to use weed killer.Spray the entire area rather generously with weed killer to reduce the chances of weeds appearing in the future.

prepare 60mm of Blue mettle(Normel foot traffic) dust which will be dispersed throughout the entire footprint of your turf project. Once the base has been set, we will hose the base down, and compact it until we reach a compaction level of 95%. At this point, as it is literally hard as a rock, which is exactly what you want.

9.1  Pro Tip After a plate competing you will have competition marks this is the part Elbow grease come into the action.A good set of kneepads and trowels will get rid of those uneven spots.

9.2 Pro tips when you do set the levels of blue metal dust to allow a 25mm rebate for the artificial lawn you will have better finish results as shown in next 2 photos.