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A Mountain Home Real Estate Guide 2021

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The new year should signal the start of a new adventure for you. A huge amount of psychological research is coming out nowadays indicating the same thing: the key to living a happy life is surrounding yourself with nature. Mountain homes give you exactly the kind of lifestyle which you need to surround yourself with nature and thus, to be happy in your life. Away from densely populated areas and close to the finest scenery nature has to offer, living in a mountain home definitely reflects a high quality of life.

Moreover, as the coronavirus pandemic rages throughout the United States, living in a mountain home might also have become advisable in terms of safety. This is because the scarcely populated your area is, the fewer chances of someone transmitting the virus to you. In this article, we are going to outline the different factors you should consider if you want to buy or sell a mountain house. As the dealings of mountain home real estate, like any other real estate dealings, rely heavily on real estate agents, we will focus on the factors which make up a good agent.


Level Of Experience:

Ask anyone in the real estate industry about the characteristics of a top mountain home real estate agent and you will always hear the term experience in the answer. Like in all other fields, experience helps a professional enhance their skills in the mountain home real estate industry as well. 

A real estate agent who has several years of experience will know more people in the industry and hence will be in touch with more listing agents and new construction specialists. This large network will help them know when good deals prop up. Experience also helps when it comes to negotiating prices as an experienced agent knows exactly how to prepare for price negotiation.

Good agents are thus likely to be thrown by challenges put forth by the other party. Experience is not only a cause for the good performance of an agent; it is also a testament to the agent’s performance. Just the mere fact that the real estate agent has retained their customer base for a period of more than a couple of years shows that they cannot be too bad at their job. Moreover, a long track record provides sufficient data for people to evaluate how the mountain real estate agent performs on average.


As a mountain home is generally in a scarcely populated area, people have to cover long distances to go from one place to another. This is why it is important to hire a mountain home real estate agent who is situated near to the house you are selling. First off, this will mean your agent can easily attend house showings for you.

Thus, you, the seller, do not have to spend valuable time showing your house to potential buyers. A mountain home real estate agent will also know how to tackle different questions a buyer’s agent might put forward during a house showing. Also, if you are living in the house you are selling, it becomes very easy for you to drop by your mountain home estate advisor’s office to receive real estate advice if the office is nearby.


If you are looking to sell your house, it is highly important for you to hire a real estate agent who markets your house well. Top mountain home real estate agents have an excellent apparatus to get your house on potential buyers’ mobile screens. A mountain house looks beautiful and your agent should have a website gallery that truly captures the beauty of your house. Additionally, they must be highly familiarized with top listing agencies so they can easily list your house on top property listings. 


It is very important to ask the question: does the agent even have time? This is because you want a trusted advisor to be able to answer all your queries for a big decision in your life. Buying or selling a mountain home real estate is probably one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life — you and your loved ones will face notable personal and professional consequences as a result of this change.

Also, an agent who is available will be able to be there for more house showings. While selling a mountain home, you can ask the agent to represent you, the homeowner, for all house showings leaving you with lesser things to worry about. All these reasons make the mountain home real estate agent’s availability one of the most important factors to consider when hiring one.


Online reviews are a good source of information about your agent’s past performance. The only drawback is that some reviews are biased so beware of reviews that seem to be too full of praise. Another way to gain information is by simply contacting the agent’s past clients as references. A good agent will always be happy to give you the contact information of previous clients.

If they are not ready to give you that information, there is no point in proceeding any further with them anyway. If you are lucky enough to know enough people in the area where your mountain home is situated, it might be a good idea to ask around about the reputation of the agent you are considering. Word-of-mouth has oftentimes proven to be a good way of gathering insights about a professional.


What do most people do to get a job? They give an interview. A real estate agent should also give an interview before they get hired by you. An interview will help you assess the agent’s communication ability, something your agent must be good at if they are good price negotiators. Alongside, if they don’t seem to have time to have a long phone conversation with you, it is probably a good indicator that they are not available enough to be your mountain home real estate agent.

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