8 Ways – How to Wear Saree to Look Slim without Losing Weight

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Girls and women are susceptible to their look. They want to look slim and attractive at any event they attend. For this purpose, they follow so many beauty tips, try fancy outfits and various tricks to lose weight. But what will you do if the event you want to flaunt is near and you have to look slim and perfect in no time? In this scenario, Talash recommends you choose Saree for that event, wear it in the right way, and indeed give you a hot and slimy look. Saree is a type of outfit that, if draped well, will help you hide those extra pounds you could not lose. You will look appealing and toned by the versatile features of Indian saree.

Now the question arises of draping the saree to look fabulous, a size smaller, and undoubtedly curvaceous. Talash here shares eight ways to wear a saree to look slim without losing weight.

8 Way to Look Slimmer in Indian Saree

Fabric can create Magic

We know no women want to look like a lady captured in a balloon. So the most important thing is to choose the fabric rightly. The right fabric can play magic on your figure. So there must be a big No to materials like Starched Cotton, Organdy, Organza, heavy Banarasi saree, Jacquard saree and Lycra.

So what to pick? You can select the sarees in flimsier and thinner fabrics blindly. They have the potential to backfire. Fluid fabrics can also go well to create a slimming effect. But these fabrics tend to be clingy and transparent. Slippery materials will not stay well. Net and chiffon can stick to the body so it might be an issue as you will be more conscious of your figure.

Soft Silks, Crepe Silk and Pure Georgette Sarees are the ultimate options to steal the show.

Right look is the Key

Saree is undoubtedly the best outfit to compliment your body frame. So should choose a saree carefully by keeping in mind the every minute detail otherwise even the best saree can go wrong in making you attractive. You plan to look slimmer with those extra pounds, so opt a subtle look to avoid the unnecessary attention on your problem areas.

You should avoid a maturer and plumper look by saying no to loud sarees with heavy makeup and jewellery. You want to appear thinner, so prefer dark tones over lighter tones like whites and neons. Trendiest option is Monotone sarees with deep gold, silver or copper metallic details

Choose the Details that uplift

You want to subdue your flab so should not get into full details. Do not even try to wear something very big or eye-catchy over your trouble spots. Sarees with multiple colours, broad borders, dense, bold and horizontal patterns, heavy embellishments, significant motifs, stones or heavy pallus are troublesome over chubby figures. Ladies with the broad upper body frame should avoid drapes having decoration on the shoulder area and heavy embellishments on pallus.

You can go for plain sarees having thin borders or sarees with smaller, sparse and spread out prints. Such a versatile outfit will do wonders on your flabby figure. Light Gotta Patti works on edges, dainty embellishments and delicate pearl work can create a slender look.

Rightly drape the saree

Draping the saree in the right way is a vital step. Most women take it lightly while taking the most care of other aspects. This step should be flawless too. The most crucial factor is how you pleat and wear your saree to enjoy the slim look. Here we enlist some rules.

  • Do not go for too long sarees. Approximately 5.45 meters is the ideal length as more fabric will give you more weight.
  • Petticoats should not be too tight or too loose, and it must be tied above the navel level.
  • Pleats should not be too small or ill spaced. 4-5 medium-sized pleats are enough and arrange them nicely from top to bottom.
  • Tuck the pleats slightly towards the navel side.
  • When the pleating is done, the loose fabric should be tucked diagonally in a smooth way to skim the hip area properly.
  • Tightly drape it. Keep practising to achieve a perfect drape.
  • If pallu is left hanging over shoulder and arm, it will look best, but you can fold it up by 3 to 4 wide pleats.

Supporting components

To ensure a slim yet gorgeous look, the choli/blouse, petticoat, makeup, jewellery, hairdo, and all other saree components play a crucial role.

  • A well-cut and well-fitting blouse is a must. Too loose or too tight dresses will create a bad shape and expose all your bulges. A longer blouse can hide the skin flab at the midriff.
  • For petticoats, same fitting rules apply, neither too tight, nor too loose. Skirt shapewear can cover your trouble spots like hips. Petticoats called kallidar allow for ease of walking as they slightly flare up at below knees.
  • While choosing jewellery ornaments, try to favour delicateness and minimalism. If you are opting big earrings, do not wear a necklace altogether. Women having hourglass figure can wear Kamar-bandh, while others should avoid it.
  • A medium-sized hand clutch with minimal ostentation will create a perfect look if you attend a wedding event or party.

Carry yourself confidently

A confident body language will convey stability and give you a beautiful look. Do not overthink or self highlight your imperfections. Turn a deaf ear towards negative compliments and overcome the tense feelings, which are a big hurdle in creating a gorgeous look.

Slouched shoulders do not look good so walk, stand and sit in an upright pose. Relaxed shoulders with stomach pulled in are appreciated. You can not alter the natural look and body type but you can keep yourself toned by exercising. You must have a festive feel for yourself. If you are confident of yourself and your body, then the way to a gorgeous and attractive look is enhanced.

Wear a blouse with long sleeves

You should precisely choose a blouse that suits the curve of your body if you think you will look fat in a saree. Long sleeve blouse is preferable over the sleeveless to conceal the arms smartly and fashionably. To cover the width highlighting do not wear sleeveless, but if you have narrow shoulders with a toned torso then a bold cut blouse is your best friend.

Opt lighter Prints

When choosing the fabric of saree, you prefer the lighter one. Same should be with prints of saree. More delicate patterns do the tricks very well. A saree having small prints or light embroidery will give you a slender look. Simultaneously, sarees with bold and big prints will provide you with a plumpy look so you should opt lighter prints.

Talash advises you to be confident, feel the inner beauty and the outer dressing style will provide you with a glamorous look. Keep your shoes running to attain a healthier look. But if you have to attend a function shortly, and you are worried because of your weight then stop worrying, we the best online store for saree in India, brings fabulous sarees for you that can give you slimmer appearance without losing those extra pounds. So, what are you waiting for? Browse our amazing collection of sarees today and get it delivered to your doorstep in just a few hours.

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