7 Funky Men Hairstyles To Try In 2021

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Undoubtedly, the right hairstyle can change your entire personality. Despite how well dressed you are, if you don’t get the haircut right, you risk hampering your look. The hairstyle can offer immense power and charm to give you the confidence to take on the world. When it comes to hairstyles for men, the options are endless, ranging from classics to modern, stylish hairstyles.

Are you planning to try a funky hairstyle but don’t know where to begin? Well, here are seven styles to help you level up your hair game in 2021.

Which are the best funky hairstyles that men must try?

While it is safe to stick to the old hairstyles, there isn’t much fun in it. If you’ve decided to change your look and opt for a unique hairstyle in the coming year, read on to find the best ideas:

1. Quiff:

The quiff is versatile and one of the trendiest men’s hairstyles. It can suit almost everyone; however, it works best for those who have a round face. You can start by brushing all your hair forward and then style it into a wave. You will have to apply wax evenly for a perfect quiff while simultaneously blow dry and brush your hair back. For a messy look, comb your hair with your fingers, and complete the hairstyle. This is the hairstyle that you will find most of the male celebrities donning these days. 

2. Man bun:

While it is a classic hairstyle, a man bun brings a lot of style and edginess to your look. Buns are not only flexible, but they can look flattering on almost everyone, provided they are done right. You can customize this look as per your face. To achieve this look, comb your hair back with your fingers and secure them with a tie. Depending on your hair’s length, decide how high or low you want to wear the bun. If you have a defined face structure, you can wear it slick; if not, you can always go for a looser bun.

3. Bro flow:

Are you more of a laid-back and carefree person? A bro flow hairstyle can suit you well in 2021. When the other funky hairstyles bring a touch of sophistication, this one is all about embracing the rugged look. You can grow your hair a little longer and let them loose for a stylish yet relaxed aesthetic. For those who would rather sleep 30 mins extra than style their hair in the morning, the brow flow will be the perfect solution for you.   

4. Undercut:

The one hairstyle that is turning heads all around and will continue to do so next year, too, is the undercut. What makes undercut a popular choice among men is that you can wear it in innumerable ways. Whether you have curly, straight, or wavy hair, it can be done easily, irrespective of your hair’s texture. It includes both disconnected and faded style, which features long hair at the top of your head while the sides and back are buzzed short.

5. Fauxhawk:

If the classic Mohawk hairstyle is too much for you, you can try the modern interpretation called faux hawk. It offers you a punk hairstyle without going too edgy. The faux hawk hairstyle features very short sides and a long strip of hair on the top of your head, which is fashioned upward. While it is certainly less intense than a traditional Mohawk, it will help you become the center of attention.   

6. Angular fringe:

Plenty of guys are experimenting with an angular fringe, and it is safe to believe that it will be a popular choice in 2021 as well. You can achieve this look by having hair longer than a quiff hairstyle on the top and have a faded look on the sides. If you want to amp up the look by making it funkier, you can highlight the top hair. It will enhance the look and give you the chance to show off your highlights.   

7. Modern pompadour:

Although the pompadour is a classic hairstyle, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t quirky. It is characterized by hair styled up and off your forehead. When it comes to sides, the hairstyle has much shorter hair. You can opt for anything from a short buzzed to a scissor cut for a gentle look. Start by applying gel and comb your hair back to place them in the direction you want. After that, you can blow-dry to get the desired volume.  

Final thoughts

There are numerous hairstyles for men, making it daunting to choose the right one. If you want to look edgy, modern, and funky, you can pick any one idea from the ones given above. It is time to reinvent the look with a new hairstyle in the coming year!

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