5 Ways To Make Your E-commerce Site More Trustworthy

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Even though you have the unique, cheap and best product on your store, it does not mean a consumer will automatically start trusting your E-commerce Site. You need to gain their trust in order to convince them to buying your product or service. I know, gaining the trust of consumers is a difficult job but here are some simple tweaks to earn it.

By implementing the below tweaks you can easily gain the trust of your consumers and convince them to buy your product or service.

Make A Use Of Trust Badge Or Seal

This is the first and the easiest way to gain trust of your consumers. A trust seal is simply a badge that can be added or granted to your online store to let your customers know that your website is secure and legitimate.

Example of Trust Badges or Seals are

  • Antivirus Security Badges
  • SSL Certificate
  • Instant Refund
  • Payment Processor Logo
  • Logo of Sponsors
  • Third Party rating etc.

If you have ever visited any online banking site then you will easily find such kind of badges on it. The below snapshot of SBI will show it.

Trust Badges

Enable Rating And Review

Another best way to gain trust is to enabled rating and review on your store. According to one research, more than 75% of the customers refers online reviews and rating before making any purchase decision.

Rating and Reviews can be further strengthen by

  • Publishing the reviews in real time without any manual interference or moderation
  • Allowing users to upload the real photos of the product while sharing reviews or rating

Remember, review and rating if used properly then it will definitely improve the performance of your online or ecommerce store.

Next, it will also help you in improving your ranking in the search engine. This is because search engine like Google loves real rating and reviews.

Display Social Proof

Social proof is nothing but a phenomenon where the consumer will get affected by the attitude and action of others. In simple words, by showing how many customers have shared this product online or testimonials you can influence others to buy product or service from your store.

Trust, social proof is really a best way to gain trust and confidence of others.

Offer 24/7 Customer Service

Customers are the key to your business success. If your customers are satisfied then your business will definitely grow.

Now to make your customer satisfied you need to resolve their problems instantly. This can be done by providing 24×7 customer service to them.

Make sure your customers gets instant and immediately helps on their problem. This can be done by providing good customer service through live chat.

Hence, we strongly recommended installing live chat option on your site.

Instant Refund

No matter what changes you are making on your site. If your refund policy is not clear then it will help you.

Amazon, the biggest ecommerce platform in the world is using this technique to gain trust of the consumers. It provides instant refund in case of any problems or return of goods.

I remember, I immediately receive the notification from the amazon for processing my refund.

Trust this technique work.

Over to You

Gaining the trust of your consumers is a must if you want to grow and create a successful online or e-commerce store.

At last, if you think we have forgotten to mention any important technique in the list then feel free to contact us. We will be happy to include your suggestion in our list.

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