15 wonderful things to do on Goa’s journey

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Beyond golden sandy beaches, sparkling blue waters, and parties it’s hard to think of GOA. See beaches beyond. It is rich in history and its architecture reminds you of its Portuguese past. Its rustic food is usually not available in Goa’s comfort, flavored with European flavors.

  1. Visit the Beaches. 

The lovely ocean, the beaches of golden sand, the Palm trees, send you lifetime memories. There’s no more lazy spot than one of Goa’s beaches. Both North and South Goa have beautiful beaches. Both are protected. Between Christmas and New Year and summers in May, the best time to visit the beach is. The most popular beaches are Palolem Beach, Agonda Beach, Baga Beach, Colva Beach, Calangute beach. The beach, many water sports and sunbathing during your stay can be enjoyed.

  1. Enjoy the sport of water

If you enjoy water sports and are an exciting explorer, Goa is your place. Windsurfing, jet skiing, speed boats, swimming, Banana tube boat trip, and Knee and wakeboards are some of them. It offers all sorts of watersports. The best watersports can be found in Calangute Beach, Anjuna beach, Baga beach.

  1. Casino’s Visit

Gambling is no longer a game of gambling. Gambling is frequent in Goa with a limited number of international standard on the coast and offshore casinos. Most of the casinos on the shores can be found on the Mandovi Riverboats. 

  1. Street Food Relish

Curry goat, chilled fish, and beer isn’t everything it has to offer you when it comes to food on the street. Not many people know about Goa’s range of night snacks. Pumpkins full of beef and shallow fried are a frequent favorite. The potatoes are full of eggs and fried for vegetarians. Besides, the omelet is the always-heat favorite. You can take them to the beaches in local shacks.

  1. Get God’s Blessings

It has temples, it’s subtlety now. Old Goa is a world-renowned UNESCO place with many churches. It includes churches belonging to many convents, including the Se Cathedral, the Church of S. Caetano, and in particular, Bom Jesus basilica which contains St Francis Xavier’s mortal remains.

  1. Watching birds

The diversity of birds is rich in this state. You can stay at the backwood camp if you are a bird lover and want to experience the best of Goa’s jungle and coastline. You may also pick the packages to be provided by Canopy Goa.

  1. Go on a walking tour

It is on a bike that is the perfect thing to discover. But it may be a hassle before you locate the next fuel station if you have low fuel. Lend a two-wheeler to the markets and beaches.

  1. Go to Paradise

Travel over the sea when in Goa Paragliding. You can even take out aircraft over the sea if you wish. Without landing on the coast of Goa the competent instructors will make fascinating paragliding in the air from 15 minutes to 1 hour. You can book the aerial videographer for your flight if you wish. See the video to see your flight, takeoff, landing, and flight arrangements. Sports like the beach of Anjuna and Calangute, Baga Beach, Candolim Beach, Majorda Beach, the Dona Paula Beach, etc can be enjoyed at several different locations.

  1. Type a tattoo

Tattoos are artistic expression, individuality or membership, ritual, revolt, or eternal memories. You can get here a Heena Tattoo or a tattoo. It is home to some of the country’s most famous tattoo studios.

  1. Group before dawn party

It is famous for its culture that is calm and calming. During the day when the sun goes down, Goa is all about the party, while people relax and enjoy the afternoon. North and South Goa both satisfy tourists, with their splendid list of nightclubs playing the most recent mixed music. Wherever north boasts its enormous nightlife with clubs such as Peacock Pub, Havana, Cavala, Shore Bars, and Del Mar café, the south has a great list of party venues like Joets, Tito, and Mambos.

  1. Take Shack

Only by leaving the hotel’s comfort and choosing one of the shacks right on the beach can a Goa’s cultural picture be achieved. When you’re here, sit in a beach shack and watch the world pass slowly while sipping your drinks. The few places to be at are Simons beach cottage, Palm cottage, blue corner… Zanzibar.

  1. Take the Cruise Mandovi

The sunset Mandovi River cruise is a perfectly fun way to spend an evening. It’s a perfect way to look at this backwater. The cruise includes a live band and dancers who perform Goan folk songs and dances, often animated, often unbridled.

  1. Enjoy the Goan Past

It is also a beach house that commemorates a Portuguese ruler of Goa and beautiful heritage buildings. These villas, villas, and historical homes are a type of architecture that blends Indian and Portuguese styles. You can finish your stay here by visiting one of the heritage mansions. These locations belong to ancient Goa.

  1. Turtle Nesting Testimony

The famous sea turtles live in this state. The isolated beaches in this tourist country are the best spots for a visit to the rare tortoises of Olive Ridley. The nests of these marine animals are some beaches such as the uncharted, calm beach of Morjim. During the turtle breeding season, locals try every year to preserve the sea turtle, its eggs, and young people.

  1. Anjuna Flea Shop Shop

This popular daytime market, located near Anjuna beach, offers a mix of Kashmiri, Gujarati, and Tibetan stalls and food stores, and many other facilities. Kept every Wednesday, almost everything is sold around the coast.

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