12 Very good to do in New Zealand

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There are so many beautiful and greatest things to do in New Zealand with oodles of natural beauty and a whole heap of culture to discover. If you are a walker, a buff of history, or a foodie with a rumbling tomb, New Zealand is a place for you.

Now, in New Zealand, the only thing that can be hard to whip up all the spots is that many things are amazing and best. But this is nearly necessary when you are on a vacation in New Zealand.

  1. Discover the sound of Milford

Go down to the South West, plunge into the car, and get on a cruise to see Milford Sound’s breathtaking sights. If you’re a nature lover, it’s really one of New Zealand’s favorite things to do.

It was formed in the Ice Age by glaciers and identified as Rudyard Kipling as the eighth wondrous of the world. It is hard to disagree with him with its mountains and waterfalls and with dolphins flooding through the surrounding water.

  1. Visit Queenstown adrenaline-powered

Queenstown is also situated on the southwest side of South Island. Another town, an experience entirely different. Queenstown is the adventure city of the world, so stop here for a skydive and bungee jump to fix your adrenaline.

The Swing, the world’s highest steep cliff jump, can be also attempted.

You can also see Queenstown’s popular skiing scene when you visit in winter or spring and don’t so much adrenaline junkie. This is a fun place to visit and one of New Zealand’s best stuff if you enjoy thrills!

  1. Amazing Dunedin Walk

Situated on the south-east shore of South Island, Dunedin is a mixed Scottish and Maori area.

Clearly, this cultural cocktail in a city is worth visiting; it has beautiful Victorian, Edwardian, and wildlife architecture. Don’t forget unusual yellow eyes that can be found best on the adjacent Otago Peninsula on a stroll or cycling trip.

Moreover, do not overlook the rare yellow-eyed penguins that are best seen on the adjacent Otago peninsula on a walk or bike ride.

  1. See Christchurch’s beautiful

The history of Christchurch is rich and amazing (and well worth seeing when visiting the South Island).

Oh, you must visit the International Antarctic Hub, walk-on New Regent Lane, and get a snack from the Noisy Lobster, which serves some pretty delicious lobster in the area, as you would imagine.

  1. Abel Tasman National Park Trek

Now you can find Abel Tasman’s beach paradise in the north-west of the South Island. Believe me, for this place it’s worth sand in your car. The beaches are golden and the water is beautifully blue and the lush foliage surrounds them.

If you’re searching for seals, dolphins or just relax on the coastline, this beautiful beauté spot can’t be missed. You can’t miss this wonderful location.

  1. See the Hawke’s Bay sunrise 

Three words: wine tours for bicycles… Have I taken care of you? Hawke’s Bay maybe your favorite stop on the whole trip if you like wine and you like cycling, particularly since the area is popular for both people.

Discover the farmer market with a glass of red or take a stroll on the Ruahine or Kaweka Forest Park forest paths. Hawke Bay is where some of the finer things in life can be appreciated.

  1. White Island Vulcano, Whakaari.

One of the most iconic, active volcanos in New Zealand, which you can visit by ferry, is in the Taupo Volcanic Region, White Island (or Whakaari). White Island is a fun place to visit right off North Island’s eastern coast; you can also see volcano-monitoring activity.

  1. Explore the Geothermal Valley of Te Whakarewarewa

You cannot skip Te Whakarewarewa Geothermal Valley as you pass through Rotorua. It is home to Pohutu, the largest active geyser and the boiling mood pools in the southern hemisphere.

You can also take a trip to the Maori Institute for New Zealand’s Arts and Arts for a taste of Maori culture, including a traditional song- and dance welcome ceremony.

  1. Hobbiton, spot the quaint.

Trust me, this is easily one of New Zealand’s finest stuff if you’re a fan of Lord of the Rings.

To tell the truth, every Lord of the Rings fan would have fantasized to walk the Shire around, and, if you’re on the lane, you can! You can also pause for a drink on the Green Dragon Inn, the picturesque place of Middle Earth.

  1. Special Glowworm Caves Experience

The Glowworm Caves are found in the North Island close to Waitomo. Millions of little glowworms are rare in New Zealand within the Waitomo Cave system.

  1. Flying Auckland exploration.

Road trips are fun to get off the track, but it’s sometimes good to get on the busy road to the capital.

Auckland has been selected regularly as one of the best cities on earth for us tourists, so what makes New Zealand’s largest city so big is worth seeing. It’s enough to please every tourist from multicultural cuisine to several museums and even a bungee jump.

  1. Discover Piha Beach’s Lion’s Rock

There are some of the best beaches in New Zealand, and Piha is no exception.

Take your sunblock, swim trunks, and explore this emblematic beach. Be sure that your eyes are still peeled for the rock of Lion.

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