12 Best World Road Trips

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There are very few other forms to travel, whether it’s a day trip or an epic journey, which provides mobility and versatility in taking a car and heading off on a road trip. For your next journey, here’s our collection of the best route tours in the world; they give you each the opportunity to experience the joy of turning the key and taking the open road.


The Icefields Parkway is considered to be one of Canada’s most astonishing stretches and is one of the world’s most picturesque drives, cutting through a region of the Rocky Mountains of Alberta. The road through rugged mountains, wooded river valleys, and turquoise lakes provide the most dramatic journey through nature.

  1. THE LONELIEST Path, United States

The Loneliest Path in America was designated as a compliment in 1986 by the magazine LIFE for Route 50 through the Nevada desert – but a moniker so fascinating was more of a drama than a deterrent. It was not meant as the complement. Now this distant yet resourceful journey is both a magnet and an almost meditative sense of isolation for those who are seeking adventure. This could be one of the best US road trips if it sounds like you.


The Argentina Route40 is a route that ensures high-level adventure but tests your stamina to the max. This is only one of the largest road tours of the world, stretching over 5,000 km from sea level to up to 5,000 meters above sea level. It promises countless sights and unforgettable encounters along the way, not to speak of enormous rights of praise if all is accomplished.

  1. BRAZIL, COSTA Real.

You will discover some of the coastlines between south Santos port and north Río de Janeiro by road on the Costa Verde (or Green Coast) of Brazil. It is a region full of heavenly beaches, numerous fascinating small towns, and thick rain forests full of wildlife from the sea.

  1. RED 66, United States

Route six is probably the most emblematic road trip of all, formally decommissioned in 1985, but it doesn’t even exist anymore. However, you can still travel through a long section of Middle America most of the original stretch from Illinois to California. This journey is the essence of all a road trip should be – you can feel the almost palpable sense of history and culture clinging to the innumerable core of the America you travel. Please notice that you must combine parts of the original road with the current Interstate road if you plan this route.

  1. OCEAN Path Nice, AUSTRALIA.

One of the key destinations for an Australian road trip is Great Ocean Road. It offers a variety of amazing landscapes, strange geological formations, plenty of local wildlife, and a wealth of places to stop. Conveniently located a few hour’s drives from Melbourne, it’s a perfect route for family or children.


Started in 2014, a new entry into the canon of the world’s most exciting must-do journeys on the North Coast 500, also known as the NC500. It includes a loop, beginning in Inverness and finishing in the northerly highlands of Scotland, showing all the rough and mysterious beauty. The path parallels the beautiful northern coast of Britain and welcomes both rural communities and desert areas, in which another living soul is impossible. This path is one of Northern Europe’s best road trips.


The drive from Sorrento to Salerno in southern Italy may be the most enticing stretch of coast on the continent for a Europe road trip. Even if this short road ride is now extremely popular, overpriced, and often crowded, you will still find spectacular Mediterranean views, picturesque fishing villages, and picturesque cities clinging to the rolling cliffs.


Iceland is now remote, dramatic, and has become in recent years a hot tourist destination, and the best way to explore this sublime volcanic island is by road along its ring road, a roundabout road.

  1. THE Path SILK, Uzbekish.

Follow the footsteps of antique caravans that passed on that path thousands of years ago when discovering some of the unknown but majestic monuments of Uzbekistan. If you have a challenge, traveling from Tashkent to Khiva in Uzbekistan on a portion of the Silk Road is one of the best road trips on offer and might just be the adventure you are looking for. Over the last few years, Uzbekistan has opened itself up to tourism and remains a hidden secret.


The offbeat road rides through the vast sand dunes of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia are few experiences that can encapsulate. Imagine a boundless sea of golden sand in an Off-Road Vehicle as blood-red cliffs come and go on on the horizon. A drive in the desert will allow you to explore a country that has changed little in many ways since Genghis Khan’s days. Yet maybe the greatest excitement of this journey is awaiting the discovery at the end of the day of a Mongolian village.

  1. The Highway Caracoram, Chinese and Pacific

One of the most hair-raising road trips is probably the Karakorum Highway between Pakistan and China, also known as the Friendship Highway. It is surely not for faint-hearted people or those who suffer from vertigo that is one of the highest paved roads in the country, but the views from the high mountains are simply dramatic.

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