What is Alg.exe and How to Remove Alg.exe File From PC?

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Microsoft Windows has evolved a lot in the past few years and the continuous effort from Microsoft team has built Windows 10 as the most robust and effective operating system of the decade. Yet, computer systems are prone to virus infections! You never know who is after your data and when these hackers make you a victim of a ransomware attack.

There have been several doubts about alg.exe and queries around how to remove alg.exe. This has been a regular doubt of concern if it is a Microsoft file or a virus infection. Will it be harmful to the system or does it do any good in the operations? This article will clear your doubts and guide you through the steps on How to Remove Alg.exe File From PC.

Name Alg.exe
Type of File System File
Dangerous if Malware is named itself as a legitimate file
Symptoms Multiple instances of the file running in Task Manager
the file is NOT located in C:\Windows\System32 folder
Infection Distribution Spam Emails, Malicious Websites, System Applications, etc.


What is Alg.exe?

Application Layer Gateway (alg.exe) is an executable service file that comes inbuilt with Microsoft Windows package. This executable file enables third-party plugins and internet connections to execute in a safer environment. Alg.exe file also blocks access to private networks that are untrusted or can be harmful to your computer.

In nutshell, it is a trusted Microsoft system file BUT, hackers have used the same name to get into your computer. There have been several errors reported for alg.exe file and people have compromised on their data security and privacy. If you are experiencing an error, warning or flag related to alg.exe file, you need to follow below precautionary measures to remove alg.exe and secure your PC.

Is Alg.exe Harmful?

Till the time it’s Microsoft Windows Application Layer Gateway (alg.exe) file, it is not harmful to your system. But if you are getting an alert or warning regarding the same, there are possibilities that your system is been attacked by some hacker with the same file name. there can be possibilities that someone tried to get access to your Application Layer Gateway (alg.exe) through some private network and crashed the application that resulted in errors.

Some common errors are ‘alg.exe – bad image’, ‘alg.exe – application error’, ‘alg.exe – could not be found’, ‘alg.exe – could not be started’ ‘alg.exe High CPU Usage’ etc. Refer to the link to for details list of errors and how to cure alg.exe high CPU usage error.


If you see multiple instances of alg.exe file in the Task Manager, if the Fan speed increases rapidly without opening multiple programs, if you witness increased CPU or GPU usage randomly, if you receive popups, advertisements, or your operating system crashes, reboots, or shows BSOD errors, it’s time to get alert and fix your computer.

How to Remove Alg.exe File From PC?

There are a few precautionary measures that you can take to secure your PC. If you have already encountered an error message for alg.exe, below are the most effective methods to remove alg.exe error.

Run a Virus Scan

The first and foremost step is to detect if the system is infected with a virus or not. Install the best virus protection on your computer and turn ON a real-time scan. Run a Deep Scan on your system and check the scan results thoroughly.

If Norton, McAfee subscriptions are way too high for your budget, you can trust Systweak Antivirus that is budget-friendly yet effective enough to quarantine all the viruses, spyware, malware, trojans, and other infections.

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Get the Latest Windows Updates

Installing Windows Updates is extremely important as it brings a lot of relevant information to the device. Microsoft Windows release updates, patches, bug fixes and critical solution to reported problems on a weekly basis. It is advisable to keep your Windows updates turned ON and it will automatically scan and install the latest available updates on the device. Check your device for updates and restart the computer for changes to take effect.

Clear Browser Cache & Temporary Files

The primary mode of this infection spread is through the browser and then through installed applications. Perform a complete system optimization with the help of Advanced System Optimizer to ensure that there are no traces left and your device gets back to the normal stage.

A thorough cleanup of the system is not possible through the manual steps as we may miss out on the basic process. Cleaning Temp Files, Browser Cache, Cookies, Prefetch, cleaning registry, disk cleanup, backup & recovery, driver updates, software check, drive scanning & cleaning, security & privacy, registry optimization and complete system optimization is only possible with the help of Advanced System Optimizer.

Wrapping Up

Restart the computer once you are done with all three steps and you believe your system is scanned, optimized, and up to date. Check the Task Manager for multiple instances of alg.exe. If you still face any error message, it is advisable to take a complete backup of your device and go for a format reinstall. Ensure that you take a proper backup before going through a clean installation process.

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