What Else Do You Need To Know About Persian Cats?

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For the people who love cat, they always seek for kittens that are healthy and looks cute. Well, there are several breeds available in the market that can fulfil your requirements, but Persian cats are one of those breeds that look extremely very cute and have a gentle and friendly behaviour towards a human. If you are planning to get one, so need to know that Persian cat price is on the higher side because of their extreme demand in the market.

Today, we will check about their basic features along with other normal characteristics of this breed that tend to make them one of the most demanding breeds.

Basic Features of Persian cats:

The Persian cats weigh around 7 to 1 pounds which makes them very easy to carry and they have a life expectancy of 13 to 17 years. These cute little paws are the best thing to carry home and the best reason to hurry to home.

Persian cats are the long-haired with wide tails that are of medium size makes them the choice among the cat lovers. This particular breed is specifically available in different colours which include tabby, shaded, smoke, silver, golden, bi-colour and other.

They uniquely have a flat face with round eyes that is available in various colours. This again makes it one of the cutest of cat breeds in the market.

Where does this breed come from? 

Just as the name goes, these highly demanding cats originate from Persia.

Even when it is said by the people that this breed was brought to the west by the European explorers back in the 17th century. Later after years, they were being exported to the United States, which makes them a breed that dates back to 1864 B. C.

Were the Persian cats friendly in nature? 

Persians are one of the sweetest and the most gentle of all the breeds among cats. They are extremely very playful in nature and have a laid back and quiet behaviour. They are certainly a great choice for families with children, as they love to walk around the entire house all the time.

They are from those species that adapt properly with the new surroundings and are completely ok with the busy households. They will never mind with a house full of active kids. If they feel like to spend alone time, they will certainly hide themselves in a quiet place. Therefore, make sure to create a quiet place in your home if you are planning to but a cute Persian cat online.

What are their exercise needs?

Well, they do not require high-end exercises, and they are best when you keep them indoors. Because of their quality of coats and sweet nature, they are not designed to handle the outdoor cruelty.

Coming to their physical activity, they are just like any other cats. They generally sleep for long and play less. Mostly when they play, they run or jump. Since such chances are way lesser, it would be best if you keep them active by using the toys.

What are their grooming needs?

Since they have quality cats and long hair, it is a need for the owners to brush them daily. Removing the dead fur from them will keep them in the best condition. You definitely need to make sure to remove the tangles by brushing daily. Occasional bathing is highly recommended to ensure a clean surrounding.

In an interval of 1 to 2 weeks, make sure to trim their nails. Also, clean their ears and teeth just to make sure they are in their best health. Also, never forget to clean their eyes on a regular basis. As the chances of staining under eye are high and catching bacteria, make sure to clean them regularly.

What are the potential Health Issues? 

Yes, there are always some chances of getting health issues, therefore make sure to stay in touch with a veteran. These are the healthy breeds which require regular cleaning of the eyes. When given proper attention, they are not prone to get any future problems. You should know that these kittens might have some issues when it comes to going to the litter box.

In a recent study, it has been seen that they are prone to have genetic issues like kidney issues. This is the reason why it is recommended to check their parents and about their health condition.

Consider checking with the vet in case you find these signs:

  • Depression
  • Weight loss
  • Frequent urination
  • Excessive drinking water
  • Lack of appetite

From where should you adopt a Persian cat?

If you want to buy Persian cat online, you will find several in the list, but it is always recommended to have complete knowledge regarding the breeder before you actually rely on them.

Mummy Cat is one of the reputed breeders who offer some of the healthy Persian cats. They have the knowledge of this breed, and hence they make sure to offer the best. You can stay assured as they also offer health certificates with every cat that you adopt from them.

So now that you have knowledge about the Persian cats consider buying one. But then again make sure to check each and everything in details. They are the best choice that one can make to ensure a fulfilling life with joy.

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