Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends To Watch In 2020

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Mobile apps are the most convenient way just not to promote business but even reach the customers. So, nowadays mobile app development has turned into a priority for many businesses as, without a mobile app in this era, the company faces a huge risk of losing a significant part of clients. At the same time, they face the risk of lagging in the race as well.

To maintain your position at the top of mobile app development, it’s needed to maintain a few development strategies that can propel your app better in the App Store and Play Store.

Here’s a list of Mobile App Development Trends that we can expect to witness in the year 2020.Image Source

  • AR and VR:

In the year 2019, many apps included the AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) and this trend is here to stay in the upcoming year as well.

AR and VR were mostly used for marketing campaigns or gaming applications to connect with the audience in a better way. But recently due to its increasing popularity, these technologies are being used for practical purposes, like education, navigations, interior design, user manuals and many more.

This Augmented Reality went popular with the launch of gaming application Pokemon Go and now it is immensely popular among others as well. To make all kind of smartphones AR-enabled, Google is now partnering with mobile companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Motorola and others with the help of ARCore platform

  • AI and Machine Learning:

Since Apple bought its ‘Siri’ in 2007, the mobile development industry started to focus on AI or Artificial Intelligence. This influenced the developers to include Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms in mobile learning solutions from different fields.

AI and ML are being in different fields such as,

Chatbots and Virtual Personal Assistants

Speech identification technologies for gaming and entertainment

Medical software that helps to diagnose health issues and can suggest solutions

Recommendation engines for online shopping and traveling

Nowadays even more apps are there that can recognize the voice, analyze data (visual and textual), anticipate user behavior and can make forecasts, decisions, and recommendations. Nowadays with the ever-growing popularity of AI and ML, there’s fierce competition in the app development market between the smartphone developers that is to grow even more in the coming years.

  • IoT Applications:

IoT or Internet of Things is a system that is interrelated with computer devices, digital or mechanical machines, objects or things that are issued with UID (Unique Identifiers) so that it can be operated and transfer data over a network without direct human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction

This coming to the forefront in the last few years has successfully garnered large popularity. According to a survey by Researchgate the number of IoT connected devices will be more than 26 billion worldwide in 2019. By 2025, the number may cross the figure of 75 billion.

This constantly increasing number of IoT connected devices is due to the continuously increasing demand for smart devices. While smartphones act as the best connecting medium between the intelligent system and people, IoT applications are the main tool to manage the connecting devices.

IoT devices are hugely beneficial for monitoring devices and sensors, analyzing data, building reports, managing devices (turn on/off a device, open/close devices). They are equally helpful in customer-focused solutions such as operating smart home appliances, and for enterprise-grade management.

IoTs are gradually becoming recognized in many sectors such as education, healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation.

  • Blockchain Technology:

Blockchain technology refers to the trustless, transparent, publicly accessible ledger that allows one to successfully transfer the ownership of value unit using public encryption and proof of work method. This technology has surely turned into a game-changer in various spheres including mobile application development.

In the application platforms such as Play Store and App Store, many applications use the blockchain method. Most of them are e-wallet, currency converters, digital asset trackers or network solutions.

Though blockchain is used for cryptocurrencies, their usage isn’t limited until there. It is nowadays being used in various fields to create more sophisticated projects.

This blockchain technology offers you better security that allows you better protection for your mobile platform and earns you more loyalty.

  • 5G Network:

To imply the advanced technologies into applications, you are required to enhance wireless connectivity. Without good connectivity, the applications will not be able to perform as expected.

Here the fifth-generation network or 5G network can be proved to be a great deal in this field. 5G connections are expected to provide a faster and reliable connection on smartphones and other similar devices than ever before. With the upgradation to 5G, the connection is expected to offer connections that are way faster than the currently available ones. A 5G connection is expected to serve with a download speed of about 1GBps.

The world’s regulator of Cellular Communication standard has officially approved 1st specification of the 5G network in the year 2017 in Lisbon. Within a year, the 5G network started to hit the market. From 2019, this network system will continue to expand globally.

This expansion of the fifth-generation network will provide faster and better connectivity around the world, which is almost around 100× faster than that of 4G. It will also improve the user experience and will promote the penetration of advanced technologies into mobile.


By each passing day, the mobile app business is growing rapidly. Irrespective of the domain, the companies need to integrate the mobile app development technologies to gain maximum growth and reach the target audience.

With the constant evolution of smartphones and technologies, it has become easier to reach the audience. Similarly, mobile apps can generate a massive amount of revenues in a shorter period.

Using the latest innovations mobile apps offer convenient and powerful solutions. Through an app where the organizations can easily reach to its loyal customers, even customers expect to have the best and more effective service through an app.

Very soon, we can expect to see the business being dominated by these mobile apps while the organizations will depend on the app for the direct or co

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