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4 Steps to Create Effective EDDM Postcards

The Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) service allowed small business owners to target potential customers faster and cost-efficiently. EDDM cleanses the worry of purchasing expensive mailing lists, or spending hours printing and attaching individual address labels.

Although USPS assures of delivering your every door direct mail postcards to each and every household along your selected routes, the desired result is for you to aim and plan for. Here are 4 useful suggestions for an effective EDDM postcard campaign.

  1. Defining Objectives:

The first and foremost step which you need to decide upon, through every door direct mail printing, is your aim and objective. Setting your goals in a well-formed manner, be it for a long term promotion or a short-term offer, contributes for an effective EDDM content matter. For instance, if there is a new competitor in your neighborhood, create a content which is likely to remind your customers why you are still the best. Or, if you have opened a new cafe, an easy way to pull them would be with a grand offer.

  1. Choosing The Right Postcard Quality and Size:

The size and quality of your postcards will depend on your business type, your objective and of course, your budget. Promotion of a new product or service can be made with a smaller postcard size. For a list of products or services, which includes images and infographics, you should opt for a larger size.

Using gloss finish adds vibrancy to the colors and the pictures. However, if your business has a vintage aesthetic, a matte finish will serve better.

Online printing lets you pick a size and quality for your postcards according to their content and purpose.

  1. Design and Content:

Design should go hand in hand with content. The following things should be kept in mind when considering both of them:

  • The design should not be overdone. It should be simple and sober.
  • Avoid using large amount of texts. However, using borders and bullets serves to sort your content better.
  • Add your Call-To-Action details.
    • In order to track our postcard success, you can use exclusive postcard URLs and off
  1. Selecting Routes and Dates:

EDDM mailings only need you to select your distribution routes based on the number of houses and their average incomes. It requires a minimum of 200 mailers for a single day. Or, if you want to mail them yourself, you will be limited to 5,000 mailers for each post office for a single day.

Once you find a high-quality printing service for your EDDM postcard printing, start preparing them mailing. You need to agree to the regulations and rules of the postal service in order to make them deliver your postcards faster and on time.

Every door direct mail system having a low cost makes it easy to save more and earn more. Opt for EDDM service in order to garner more revenue from your choice of targets.

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