Best Spotlight on the Kubota U55-4 | Why to Choose

Spotlight on the Kubota U55-4

Combining the power for challenging work and the versatility to operate in any environment, the Kubota U55-4 is armed to take on all challenges. It has been designed with great stability to work with a host of attachments. Adaptability is improved with precise oil flow control for axillary. With better digging & lifting power, smoother movement performance & upgraded versatility, this Kubota mini excavator truly has it all.

Set to define the entire 5.5 tonne class, this Kubota Zero swing excavator with its lavish cabin puts you in comfort while on top of almost any challenge you dare throw at it

Kubota’s Original Direct Injection Engine

The U55 is powered by Kubota’s 47.6 HP direct injection engine. Engineered with the power to maximise dig & lift performance, it also manages to minimize noise, vibration and is less fuel thirsty.

Better dig powers! This machine gives the worker a strong bucket dig force [4315 kgf]. Its robust & well-balanced arm and bucket allow you to dig more quickly and efficiently even in the rough dirt conditions.

An Increased Boom Lift Capacity, this machine has significantly improved boom lift capability coupled with the Load Sensing Hydraulic System! Kubota’s developed 3-pump load sensing hydraulic systems promises smoother operation, irrespective of the load. It allocates hydraulic oil to flow according to the precise range of the operator’s lever motion. The result is far better fuel economy & smoother tracking.

The Hydraulic Angle Blade Option

which if fitted can be a real time saver & also make work more effective. With easy movement of the dozer lever, the hyd driven blade can be at an angle to the right or left to push soil to the side as the machine moves forward, doing away with the need for monotonous repositioning at right angles when backfilling trenches.

Kubota U55-4

This feature is super easy to use. Up, down and float movements are made with a single lever, while left and right-angle positioning is made by the switch on top of the lever.

The other plus is when you are in a tight Spot, the angle blade option lets you work better in confined spaces, alongside walls, and near busy area. No wider than the tracks, it’s also easy to Move between jobs.

The Generous Approach Angle boasts 28°, allowing the machine to climb over obstructions with ease.

An Increase in Travel Speed! Featuring increased maximum high & low travel speeds of 4.9 km/h and 2.8 km/h respectively, the U55-4 truly takes output to new summits. The traction, when operating at a lower speed, has been increased to 6567 kgf. This helps ensure a timesaving and constructive day.

Kubota’s auto-shift system has been cleverly designed to automatically shift from low to high, all dependent upon the detected terrain and traction effort. The impact that this has on the driver is incredible – a smoother ride, smoother operations and more efficient, simultaneous movement when turning or dozing. Kubota’s Parking Brake A travel negative brake comes standard as a safety feature across the majority of their entire range, including the U55-4. This allows the driver to be able to relax and feel assured when either driving or parking on steep terrain.

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