Robot Vacuum Cleaner and its Features

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For anyone who’s tired of pulling out the robot vacuum cleaner for daily home run-throughs, it is a desirable idea to get an automated cleaning robot. These robot vacuum cleaners are able to move about the floors and pick up dirt and debris scattered throughout.

Low Priced Product:

This moderately low-priced option is a good vacuum for its price that excels in cleaning hard and slick surfaces as well as short carpets. However, shaggy carpets have been a challenge for it and it is not recommended for rooms that have rugs.

It has a design to increase suction buy lowering it to the surface, but trades off ability to traverse for superior pick-up power. It is the best option for those who have hard surfaces only or only very thin carpet edges and breaks between carpet and hard floor are one of the places where it can get trapped easily.

New Product in The Market:

If you have a high ceiling, it shouldn’t be a problem as long as you position the Cube correctly. It should have a clear view and not blocked by shelves and cabinets, as this can affect the signal.

If you have a large house (over 2000 sq ft), it can take ages before the sweeping and the mopping gets done. I suggest you block off certain areas of your house and let the machine do the cleaning in blocks at a time, instead of letting it loose around the house.

Because the unit is able to get underneath furniture, coffee tables, chairs, and up against baseboards, it’s sure to accumulate lots of dirt and debris. With no filters to change out, it is very easy to maintain.

Along with the microfiber cloths, also included is the Mint Plus Automatic Floor Cleaner, a Navigation Cube with two C batteries, power adapter, user manual, quick start guide, and a one year product warranty against a defective unit.

Who Should Avoid It?

For someone who is looking for help cleaning the house and doesn’t want to spend a lot of money doing so, the Dirt Devil Whiskers is a nice option. While it is still going to be necessary to manually vacuum on occasion, as long as there is hard flooring and not a lot of obstacles, this should be able to get and collect the dirt build up that occurs during the day, especially if your household has children and frequent visitors bringing in dirt from the outside. It does not have as many features as some of the more expensive models out there, but when it comes at a quarter of the price, it makes for a valuable addition to anyone’s cleaning arsenal and a good introduction to the world of vacuuming robots.

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