Proper Ways and Tips For Teaching Your Baby How to Swim

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Are you thinking of your baby’s first dip in the pool? Professionals claim that you can begin introducing your infant to the waters as early as you feel comfortable, and as long as his/her belly button or circumcision has healed. The early a kid starts learning how to love splashing in the water, the more comfortable s/he’s to be in the pool. However, try to consult with your paediatrician before you head to the pool.


  • Get up early. If you don’t have a pool in your home and would go to a town pool, you might want to go there in the morning since there is less of a crowd. Also, we wish that your baby will be well energetic from a good night’s sleep. And the sun is also less strong before 10 A.M., which lessens the risk of sun damage. However, you and your baby still need to apply sunblock.
  • Calm down. This advice is for you and not for your baby. You need to relax since your baby can sense your mood. If your baby can see that you’re enjoying yourself— even if you feel a little nervous, s/he will try to follow your lead. Just begin slowly, dipping your tot’s toes into the water so she can get used to the feel of it on her skin.
  • Enjoy wetness. Try to see if your baby is happy with what you’re doing. If you see a positive reaction, drip water all over his/her body, slowly increasing the amount. After you’re in the pool, remain where you can stand easily and hold on to her at all times. This applies similarly if you and your kid is in the kiddie pool, you need to be within arm’s reach.
  • Be fun. Although it’s important to make your baby feel safe, you also need to show that both of you are having fun. To do this, take in a toy or play a game you think s/he would enjoy. Try to hold the baby under his/her armpits and sway back and forth as you sing a fun song that you both know.
  • Don’t force your baby. If you feel that your baby is not happy with swimming or she’s not yet ready, you can wait a month or so and try again. Your baby’s first time in the pool should always be a positive experience. Never force your baby in the water because it might just do more harm than good in the long run.


A lifejacket for your baby is not helpful during lessons. You would want your baby to know what it’s like to be in the water without a floatation device. A vest will just put your baby in a vertical position which is unnatural for swimming. However, we highly recommend that your toddler wear a swim cap made from soft and stretch Nylon Lycra material. This type of material is advisable for babies with sensitive skin, and help keep barrier creams in place. Wearing a swim cap is ideal for keeping your baby’s little head warmer for longer in the pool.


If you want to teach your kids yourself and don’t want to take her/him to swim lessons, here are easy swimming routines and positions you can practice both doing that we’ll share with you.

  1. Swim position. One of the most basic positions is the swim position. This is used for many routines and is very effective if you want your kid to learn fast.  Position yourself low in the water, and let your baby float rather than supporting them too much with your hands. Allow them to move freely but be there to assist them so they don’t get scared.
  2. Normal position. This position doesn’t have a name so we just call it the normal position. This used for many routines. To do this, hold your baby by your hands under their armpits, so he/she is held vertical. This is easy because it’s the normal position as to how we hold our babies most of the time.
  3. Back floating position. The back floating position is how you would naturally hold your baby during bathtime. Your hand should be the support under their hand. If you’re left-handed, then that’s great. But for right-handers, you would want to switch hands. If your baby is small then have their feet pointing towards your tummy.

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