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Organic Peshtemal Towels And What Makes Them So Unique

Peshtemal is a Persian word. It is also spelt as “Peshtamal”, “Pestamal”or “Pestemal” and is a combination of two words “puşt”پشت literally meaning back + “māl”مال literally meaning cleaning)

This is the reason why the word Peshtemal has been used in the context of towels.

Organic Peshtemal Towels are a piece of art. If you are already the proud owner of an organic Peshtemal towel then you have experienced it’s beauty and flawless features. However, if as yet you don’t possess a Peshtemal towel, then it is high time that you owned one.

Peshtemal towels are unique since they have certain features that are common only to them and no other towel comes even anywhere close to them:

Peshtemal towels have a glorious history associated with them

Peshtemal towels have their origin in Turkey and were invented in the 17th century in a town known as Bursa in Turkey. They were used by both men and women at springs, fountains and luxury public baths known as “Hammams”. These baths had hot steam rooms and cold water and people wore Peshtemal towels when they were in these rooms. Traditionally, they were made of a thin plain or patterned cotton fabric known as a “Fouta” that was wrapped around the waist by men and under the armpits by women. That is why even today many people still refer to them with names like foutas and hammams.

Organic Peshtemal towels have a place in royal Turkish culture and tradition

As these towels started getting used all over Turkey, word started spreading and came to the court of the Turkish king. The royals and their courtiers liked the Peshtemal very much and wanted to have one with a more ornate design. So they passed a decree to hire weavers to weave the Peshtemal by hand, on a loom. Since then the Peshtemal has been receiving royal patronage.

Peshtemal towels have a unique design

Peshtemal towels are rectangular in shape and always woven. Since the time of it’s origin, the design and colours woven into the towel often indicates the region in Turkey where the towel is made. Earlier when people used to wrap them around their waist, the colors indicated the region to which they belonged. Over the years new patterns and colors have been introduced to keep pace with the changing fashion and emerging lifestyle trends of the young and middle-aged generation.

Features of organic Peshtemal towels

Apart from their beautiful and eye-catching designs, organic Peshtemal towels have several features that make them unique, immensely popular and superior to other towels:

Peshtemal towels are lightweight.

Lightness is their most important feature. A typical organic Peshtemal towel weighs approximately 250grams, dries up in 5-10 minutes. Secondly, it does not take up a wide space in a bag or a suitcase like other towels.

Peshtemal towels are multi-functional

Organic Peshtemal towels are mult-functional towels that are used not just in bathrooms and baths, but also used by people of all ages as a way of life. For example you will spot them at beaches, saunas, fitness rooms, beauty centers, hair salons, or as a wrap around convenient garment.

Peshtemal towels dry quickly

As they are lightweight and dry quickly, Peshtemal fabric is now also used to make Peshtemal bathrobes.

Organic Peshtemal towels are eco-friendly

This is a very important feature. Organic Peshtemal towels are made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton that is free of harmful dyes and chemicals. In this way these towels are safe and healthy and can be used while caring for infants and young children.

Anti-Bacterial feature

Organic Peshtemal towels are free of Bacteria. The reason is because the towels are super absorbent and absorb water quickly. Secondly, due to their lightweight, they dry off quickly. Hence there is no chance of Bacteria settling in as the towels are lightweight.

Ideal gift items

The towels can serve as ideal gift items. Everybody likes to have an organic Peshtemal towel. You can choose a towel from a wide selection.


While an organic Peshtemal towel is unique and has a very good intrinsic value, it is not something that is very expensive. On the other hand genuine and authentic organic Peshtemal towels are available both online and at brick and mortar stores from where you can easily make a selection.

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