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Netflix star Radhikh Apte shares her #MeToo story

By September 17, 2018 No Comments

Sacred Games prominent actress Radhika Apte shared a recent sexual harassment experience from her life that involved one of her co-workers.

Opening up about her #MeToo story at an event, the actress said: “I can share one incident that happened recently, I had actually hurt my back. We did the shoot and I was heading back to my room with another guy who was in the same lift.”

“He was part of the film but we had not spoken much. He said that, ‘Let me know if you need me in the middle of the night for help, I can come and give your back a rub.”

Apte, who has become internet’s favourite meme owing to her several collaborations with Netflix, believes that bringing #MeToo movement to the Indian entertainment industry requires a good support system for artistes, Hindustan Times reported.

“This is a grey area. We need to have a good support system and come out of our fears. Well, not just women but men too are harassed in our industry,” Apte said during a session at the India Today Mind Rocks 2018.

While pointing out the root cause of such ill-behavior of the people, she said, “The main cause is power game. Be it religious, sexual or economical- it happens everywhere. Nobody wants to lose their power.”

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