What Makes Dayara Bugyal Trek a Journey to Nature’s Own Garden

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All around the civilization, mountains emerge out of the landscape, reaching high into the sky. These insurmountable impediments that tempt to be submitted. To overcome these sky-touching peaks is to validate oneself competent of the great skill of both physical and mental perseverance. For some, surging mountains can be a life-long dedication.

For others,mountains can be illustrative for the day to day challenges confronted in our lives. Either way, these dangerous yet spectacular landforms persist to hold a stance of awe and amazement in our lives. One of such adventures is the trek to Dayara Bugyal. The captivating vistas and unending delights along trekking trails of the Dayara Bugyal attract hundreds of trekkers from different niches of the country who come here to scrutinize the hidden charisma of this intriguing expedition.

It takes you out on an endeavour of encountering the merge of jaw-dropping landscapes and a well-knitted cluster of adventures. With the enormous acres of flowering meadows to your sole, Dayara Bugyal Trek is like bestowing your fantasy a substantial form.

The Dayara Bugyal trek, not just offers wonderful views and stunning adventures, but also a brief and remarkable introduction to the mighty Himalayas. Unlike Bedni Bugyal, it is less traversed upon trek nestled in the Himalayas. You need not be a very experienced trekker to take on this route, and even the beginners can witness the beauty of nature very closely. The standard distance and terrain make it an ideal choice for beginners.

Situated at almost 12,000 feet above the sea level, this Bugyal offers breathtaking views of the snow-capped mountains throughout the year. The scenery includes the high rise Himalayan mountains and peaks including Shrikhand Mahadev, Bandar Pooch, Kala Nag, and the Gangotri. This area remains covered with seasonal wildflowers, many of which are exclusive of this region.

The beautiful valley is also crowded with oak and maple trees and forests that fence the region while enhancing its ease and cosiness. This region is used by the local herdsmen to graze their sheep and you can easily view the livestock throughout your journey. This place receives the highest snowfall in the entire region and invites skiers from across the world during the winters.

Posts the monsoons, the valley blossoms with ogla fields, flowers and apples dissipating an array of colours. With the snow-capped mountains in the background, Dayara Bugyal certainly seems like Nature’s own garden. The night view from the Bugyal is something to crave for. Nothing contradicts the absolute awe of glimpsing a sea of stars over your skull. It doesn’t matter where you stare, you will end up falling in love with the landscape. Getting lost into a chain of reflections of the outer world and our superficial existence resets the wandering mind. With just 150 km away from the state capital, Dehradun, it is easily commutable by all three means of transport, i.e, airways, bus service, and train.

The total trek distance is around 15 km which make it an easy grade trek and suitable for beginners as well. The trek starts from Raithal, a small village in the foothills of Himalayas. From here, one immediately enters the lovely mix of forests of oaks, rhododendrons, maples, and pines. And just as you exit these forests, you enter the grand Dayara meadow. The trek runs through the heart of this meadow.

You see the magnificent views of Gangotri range. The Bandar Pooch peak looks like a white, misty curve in the sky. Every season, this trek takes on a different hue. Early in the season, thousands of violet, yellow, and white flowers bloom across the meadow. In autumn, this very meadow turns golden while giving a sharp view of the mountains. In winter, the forests and meadows are blanketed under a layer of powdery snow.

Dayara Bugyal is one of those treks which allow you to create loads of memories without worrying about the extent left to be wrapped. Being a short trek, it enables you to sit back and relax for a while. Most of the adventure enthusiasts choose Dayara Bugyal as their first trek because it is pocket-friendly and not so strenuous. One can go on this trek with minimum training and yet enjoy it.

Life seems to be chaotic for everyone. All of us are in quest for solitude and serenity. And many people don’t believe but mountains are the answers, the answers to the questions that you keep searching for in the chaotic cities. When you travel with strangers alongside and you sit and listen to their stories, you realise how different yet similar every story in the world is and how you are not the only one hustling in this universe. This reality makes you retreat back into your normal life from the mountains with a tinge of satisfaction to live your life happily. Check here for other trekking destinations.

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