Know the UI vs UX Design Differences

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Everything you need to know about the UI vs UX Design Differences


How much people love visiting your website or how comfortable they are in using it, is attributed to only two factors primarily: user interface UI design and user experience UX design. While these terms are used interchangeably by many, there is a vast difference between the two.

It is very important for those stepping into the world of website development or even otherwise, to understand the definite role of user experience UX and user interface UI development in a website.

In this blog, we try to highlight the definition of these and try to throw light on their functionalities.

Simply put, UI design is about how your website looks, functions, and feels on the surface. Whereas, UX user experience design is about the user’s journey with the website and what the actual products or services he comes across in his search. A UX designer will be involved in the conceptual designer aspects as opposed to a UI designer who would handle the remaining tangible elements.

What is the User Interface UI design?

The user interface is reflective of the aesthetics of a website. A UI design is all about looking after the screen layout, transitions between pages, interface animations, and every single micro-interaction that a user has with the website.

A UI design involves the selection of color palettes, themes, buttons (Type & Shape), typography, imagery, sliders, etc. A UI design has the main goal that it should be responsive and have an interactive design.

User interface design lays the maximum stress on the visual elements or the visual design of your digital products and website. 

UI design is the technical component responsible for the design segment of the website. It is, in fact, the artistic component too. It quintessentially differs from graphic designing as it is not only about preserving or creating an aesthetically appealing website but it ought to be intuitively functional to the user too. This is what UI designers create.

Enlisted are the 3 most common types of UIs:

  • Command Line Interface (CLI) 
  • Graphic User Interfaces (GUI)
  • Voice-enabled user interface

What is the User Experience UX design?

UX design is an ultimate human-first approach that prioritizes the requirements of the end-user. It has stages from product research/ideation, to prototyping, and finally testing. It ensures that the company crafts digital products keeping in mind only and only the customers/users.

UX is focused on solving the user’s problem. It is about how a user feels about a particular product when he/she lands on a product page based on his entered query. 

It is about simplifying processes. UX researchers & designers spend a significant amount of time in product user research, product design, and finally product development 

To explain UX design in a layman’s language, if a person is shopping online and he is able to quickly complete the payment and checkout process, it can be said to have good UX design. If a user is using a keyboard and finds the typing process very smooth and comfortable, the product has imparted a great user experience. Thus, it explains UX as something that focuses on how the user interacted with a product.

Another important fact to highlight at this point is that UI design is for digital products, whereas, UX design can be for both digital and physical products.


The term UI and UX are always used together due to their inter dependability. But, it is of utmost importance to know the details and the vast gap in their roles played in product development. UI UX design trends are subjected to their application and have undergone tremendous changes with time.

Just as products vary, their UI/UX changes. But, it is not a secret language that you should ever be to. It is simple in concept. And if you are stepping into software product development whether it is a mobile app, or an eCommerce website, or any other product, you must hire a reliable UI UX company that utilizes prototyping tools for designers giving you an insight into what your end-product is going to be like.

With ultimate UI and UX designs, you can certainly outshine in the domain of offering customer satisfaction and remarkable customer experience.

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