HUARAZ:The Capital of International Friendship

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When we talk about Peru, the first thing what you think is Machu Picchu, Cusco or Lima, but Peru is more than that, there exists more destinations than these, Huaraz is one of them. This is a must visit in your intinerary if you’re planning to go to Peru.

Keep reading if you want to know the best places that Huaraz has to you.


Huaraz is the capital of Ancash, a department of Peru, and it’s one the most popular cities in the Peruvian highlands. The name of Huaraz became of the word in quechua “waraq”, this means “star”. This city was founded on february 12, 1821.

Huaraz is considered the capital of international friendship, this is a perfect destination to travel with your friends to enjoy and be part of the nature.


Plaza de Armas

If you are in Huaraz you have to visit the Plaza de Armas, every city in Peru has its own Plaza de Armas and Huaraz is not the exception.

This is center of the city, a public and open space where people can walk around with your family and friends. You might start your visit in Huaraz here, you can walk, sit or taking pictures of the cathedral, the surroundings of the square and the magnificent architecture.

Huaylas Alley:

This is a beautiful alley, and it’s conformed for Cordillera blanca and the Cordillera negra. This place has a wonderful view, here you’ll see a transparent heaven, cloudy mountains, bright sun and pure water rivers.

This valley has a few towns as Caraz, Carhuaz, Huaraz, Recuay and Yungay. These cities were called by Antonio Raimondi, a wise Italian man, “Caraz dulzura”, “Carhuaz borrachera”, “Huaraz presunción”, “Recuay ladronera” and Yungay Hermosura.

If you are an adventure person, this is the best option for you, here you will be able to do trekking, canoeing, mountain cycling, and more stuffs.

Chavín de Huantar

This archaeological place is also called Chavin Castle or Chavin temple. This place was the center of the cult of the culture of Chavin. This culture is one of the oldest in Peru, it began between the years 1200 b.c and 400 a.c in the Peruvian Andes.

The most characteristic of this culture was the architecture, their work consisted of the construction of stone-made buildings, terraces and squares. Also, this culture was a represent of Peruvian art, the most iconic items are the “cabezas clavas”.

Since 1980, the Federico Villareal University and Volkswagen Foundation work together to preserve this archaeological site to be supervised by the National Institute of Culture.

Laguna de Llanganuco

If you search information about Huaraz you have to read or heard about Llanganuco, this is the most famous lagoon in this city.

The green color with turquoise touches is the main attraction of this beautiful lagoon. The length of this lagoon is 1450 meters, has a width of 393 meters and a Depth of 28 meters.

The Llanganuco stream is comprised of two lagoons, Chinancocha representing the female lagoon and the Orconcocha representing the male lagoon.

Llanganuco stream is located in the foothills of Peru’s highest snowfall, the snowy Huascaran.

The legend of Llanganuco

There was a time, in the Huaylas alley, when the God Inti had a beautiful daughter, he called her Huandoy. Near to that village, lived a young man, his name was Huascar. One day they saw and fell in love.

The problem with the romance was that the Inti God, Huandoy’s father, wanted his daughter to marry someone similar to her daughter, to be a divinity. They planned to run away because her father would never let them be together.

His anger was so great that he sent people to intercept the young lovers. Huascar and Huandoy were tied, being separate for a stream, so they could see each other when they were dying. Huascar vowed that he would revenge someday on those who not allow them to be happy. Huascar and Huandoy cried, Huandoy’s tears formed the Chinanchoca (female lake) and Huscar’s tears, the Orconcocha (male lake).

Huascaran National Park

This park was founded to preserve and protect the surrounding nature, the highlands, the diversity of fauna and flora, all the beauty that nature gave us. But, the main reason why this place was created was to protect all the ecosystems of Cordillera blanca.

The view of this National park is amazing, see the glare of the nature is indescriptible. The preservation of this reserve increases the economy in Huaraz.

The vegetation is composed for 779 high Andean species, 340 genre and 140 families. The most representative local plants are mountain relict forests, orchid, bromeliads, solanum sp and oxalis sp.

In this reserve live many animals, there are 10 mammalian and more than 120 birds. The most famous animals in here are the andean condor, andean duck, these birds are very characteristic of the zone, also there are spectacled bears and vicuñas, this mammalians are representative on Highlands.

The beauty of the Huascarán National Park is the variety of flora and fauna,

This place is backed by Peru and UNESCO, because it is Natural heritage of humanity since 1985.

It’s located in the department of Ancash and its extension has cities as Asunción, Bolognesi, Carhuaz, Huaraz, Huari, Huaylas, Mariscal Luzuriaga, Pomabamba, Recuay and Yungay.

Sacred field Yungay

In 1970, an earthquake burried the city of Yungay. It’s been 49 years since this tragic day.

The strengh of the earthquake broke a huge fragment of glacier from the Huascaran, this piece of ice fall and burried a whole city. Actually this city doesn’t exist anymore. Few people survive from this disaster, some of them survived because they were out of this house, at least 300 kids saved because they were in the stadium of Yungay, they were watching a show of a Chilean circus. Many of them were orphans, years later several of them were adopted by local and foreign families.

In addition, to the redeor 90 people also were saved because they were visiting their relatives in the cemetery, however, these people were at least 4 days in the top of Yungay by the collapse of the place. They need the help of helicopters to be able to save these people. One data that many people don´t know is that due to the cold of the area, these people were forced to take shelter in the clothing of the dead.

In memory of all the persons who died there are a Jesus Crist with his arms spread. Year by year, this sacred field has become a touristic place. This cemetery has a garden with beautiful roses, also there are many memories of the families who lived in there.

This place is visited every day for Peruvians and foreign people who want to know more about historical place.

There are many wonderful and historical places to visit in Huaraz, but you have to know some things about this city, Huaraz is a cold place, so don’t forget to bring warm clothes with you or visit Tinkuy, an online shop where you can find many garments for the cold weather in Huaraz. All the pieces of clothing are made with baby alpaca wool, a fiber that is very soft and seven times warmer than sheep wool, you definitely won’t feel cold with these garments.

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