How To Track Your Cat With GPS?

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Research has proven that if you are surrounded by a cat there are high chances that it will activate the calming chemicals in your body. While having so much stress going on in our lives one needs to have someone who can be their soothing buddy in bad as well as good times. And if you do not have a cat already and looking for that one loving buddy adopt one today and you will see the change in your by yourself.

As cats become an integral part of the family we need to be very careful with them as they cannot speak but this does not stop a cat from showering love to you and your family. You need to be very careful and never take a risk when it comes to the safety measures as you might have lost your cat sometime in the past as well.

As you love your cat as much it loves you, you should use have a Cat GPS Tracker to track your loved cat anytime, be it is out for a walk with some servant or gets lost in a crowded place or while the leash gets broken.

Following are the suggestions on how to track your cat with GPS

1. Choose The Comfortable GPS Device For Your Cat:

Depending upon the comfort of your cat decide a GPS device. Generally, there are types of tracker available in the market one is collar band in which the GPS device is in-built in the collar and cannot be detached another are the tiny devices which you can attach to your cat’s collar or put it on them with a dog tag.

Make sure it is not too heavy and your cat can bear its weight easily. Also, make sure the tracking device can resist water as cats tend to play in the water and in case it’s raining outside.

2. Give Priority to The Best Connectivity:

You can choose on the basis of your device that whether you want to track your cat using Bluetooth for which the range will be limited usually from up to 5 miles. And if the GPS device has the WiFi connectivity it will provide you live coverage regardless of the distance as long as it has a battery backup.

For Bluetooth GPS tracker you just require the good battery power but for a WiFi or Cellular Data connected device you have to pay a fixed price as per the chosen plan monthly no matter whether you used the tracking feature.

WiFi connectivity provides you a  feature unusually with a similar name to a safe zone where you can set a particular range through the app which is considered as the safe zone and if your cat comes out of that zone you get a notification through the application, messages, and emails to keep a check on your buddy.

3. Put The Device in Your Cat’s Collar or Clothing:

Check if your cat is comfortable with wearing that device around her neck or clothing if she wears any. Because in case if the device creates any discomfort your cat is most likely to throw it away or damage it itself. Preferably you can fix it to the collar or get a soft dog tag chain for your cat.

You can easily put the device in the dog tag if you are not going for the collar band. Cats are generally not fond of collars to a dog tag would be the best choice and if your cat is habitual of a collar you can go for a collar band with an inbuilt GPS tracking device.

4. Download The Application and Activate Your Cats Tracking Device:

Once the cat is comfortable with the device to turn it on you should activate the device through the application. The device has a unique code and you need to enter the code in the application with other required details in the application to activate the device. Once you have activated you are good to go and you should give it check by probably going out a distance from your cat.

If you left your cat unleashed you will see its movement live in the application. Similarly, you can keep a check while you have gone to work or to the market. And if you have the option of setting the safe zone, set the safe zone easily from the application and you will love it when you will be able to track your cat in real-time on a map through the application or the website as per your preferences.

5. Keep a Regular Check on The Device:

Make sure the battery gets charged regularly and the device is working properly and you can use the application to track your cat once in a while so that you know it is working and your beloved cat is safe.

So, there you have it 5 easy steps to track your cat’s movement & never lose track of it.

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