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How to Cool Laptop Without Cooling Pad – 5 Personal Hacks

Modern gaming machines, including laptops and desktops, generate a lot of heat, and we’ve to take some measures; otherwise, thermal throttling can ruin our experience. Today I’ll be specific with the laptop machines, and we will learn how to cool down a laptop without having a cooling pad. I got five different hacks with which you can easily get good temperature when your machine runs under high loads, and you don’t have to spend much on them, so let’s start the list.

Most of the time, we put our machine on soft surfaces like on a Sofa or on our bed, which blocks the fans running inside it. Cooling Pad helps us tackle this situation, but if you think your laptops don’t need a cooling pad, you can try other things. The best place I would recommend you to place your laptop is on your lap or use some cardboard box under it. But make sure that the box doesn’t block any fan under it, and by doing this, you can easily lower your machine temperature.

Another way to cool down your laptop is to clean out all of the dust from the bunnies and inside it. All of the fans inside the machine take air as well as dust inside it, and when this dust makes layers over the heatsinks and other components, this leads to high temperatures. Of course, not everyone can open a laptop and clean the dust inside it, so the best way to do that is to use some compressed spray bottles and do that.

Sometimes while downloading software from untrusted websites, we don’t care about other programs and malware. Cryptocurrency mining was in trend a few years back, but that doesn’t mean it all ended now because I’ve seen some websites which, when we open downloads, a mining software, and they start making money with the machine. If your computer is working slow and becomes hot, I recommend you check out its temperature.

While running some latest titles and software, we don’t care about the in-game settings and how much resources they are using. Modern tiles are power-hungry, and when you try to run them in high settings, they start getting all of the resources of your PC, and when it reaches 100% load, you will see your device getting much hotter. So always try to run games and software on low settings if possible. Another thing doesn’t put your laptop on hibernate or sleep mode; always give it some rest, so the hardware inside it cools down and then starts using it again.

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