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Honda Used Generators

Generators are utilized where there is a power cut or there is no electricity line emergency. Then a comfortable way to reach your needs is a generator.

Before buying a new generator, you should study about when and for what you want to use the generator and what is your budget. If you are not able to get a new generator according to your budget, then you do not have to worry because you can get a better second-hand generator even in a low budget and can fulfill your needs.

Before taking the used generator,  you will definitely think about the generator’s brands, which one is the best. There are various brands of new generators or used generator provider’s services.  Honda Generator is one of the best generator brands out of all the brands of generators. They also provide the best Honda Used Generators. Honda company has many years of experience in generators services.

5 Types of Generators

There are five types of generators. You will need to choose a suitable generator for you according to your needs.

  1. Inverter Generator
  2. Industrial Generator
  3. Standby Generator
  4. Induction Generator
  5. Portable Generator

Benefits of Honda Used Generator

High-Quality Power Output :

  • Due to Honda’s latest Genset technology you are ensured by the Honda company the high-quality energy of your generator.
  • Honda generators generate high power electricity so that you can use all your devices correctly and at one time.

Lighter, Smaller Size:

  • One of the biggest features of Honda generators is that these generators are very small and low load.
  • Honda generators are capable of generating much more power according to their load. Due to the low weight and small size, it is very easy to keep it there.

Fuel Efficiency :

  • Honda’s excellent technology, with features such as Eco-Throttle TM, proposes increased fuel efficiency and lasts longer.
  • The Eco-Throttle TM provides the engine of the generator to automatically regulate the engine speed to generate the power required for the application in use.
  • Common generators have to run at 3600 rpm to produce 60 Hz (cycle) of power. But eco-throttle generators can operate at very slow RPMs while sustaining frequency and power for the requested load.
  • The engine does not have to work continuously at full speed, eco-throttle decreases fuel burning by up to 40%. It also helps reduce exhaust emissions.

Quiet Performance :

  • Honda’s generators are significantly quieter than other models.
  • Eco-throttle systems also reduce noise levels on our generators.

Reliable :

  • Honda Company is a very old and famous company, just as its other products are so good and so durable, similarly, Honda’s generators also keep on moving with high-intensity year after year.
  • Honda Used Generator Services always check, maintain and repair any used generator and make it reliable before selling.

Honda used generators models

If you are thinking of buying a Honda used generator and you are wondering which generator is best for you, then you can think about these models, below are the details of some of the best models.

HONDA EU1000i 1 KVA Generator

Honda EU1000i 1 KVA generator model has super cool features. It is so lightweight and very light to port. Through this generator, you can easily operate TV, Lights, Fans and small power tools. It is a super quiet generator model.

Product Image:

HONDA EU1000i 1 KVA Generator


Engine Honda GXH50
Displacement 49.4 cc
Style Portable
Weight 13.01
Residential warranty 2years
Starting System Recoil
Fuel Tank Capacity 0.6 gal.
Commercial Warranty 1 year
Fuel type Gas
Dimension 17.7 “x 9.4” x 15 “

The Honda-EU2000i Camo Generator

Honda EU2000i Camo 2 KVA Generator has been designed for less sustaining and great work purposes for home and industrial areas. This Honda EU2000i Camo generator is excellent for long season use due to its strong build and most advanced technology.

Product Image:

The Honda-EU2000i Camo Generator


Fuel type Gas
Fuel Tank Capacity 3.59 ltr
Style Portable
Displacement 98.5 cc
Dimension 20.1 x 11.4 x 16.7 inch
Warranty Period 3 years
Weight 20.68
Noise Rating 59 dB
Output 120 Volt, 2000 Watt
Starting System Recoil

Honda EU7000iS 7 KVA Generator

Honda EU70000iS 7 KVA Generator can generate a lot of electricity. With the help of this generator, you can run large appliances like – Microwave Oven, Sump Pump, Furnace Fan, TV / DVD, RV Air Conditioner, Coffee Maker, Portable Fan, Hair Dryer, Blender, Computer, etc

Product Image:

Honda EU7000iS 7 KVA Generator


Fuel type Gasoline
Fuel Tank Capacity 19.3 ltr
Style Portable
Displacement 389cc
Dimension 84.83×70.10×72.13
Warranty 3 years
Weight 118
Engine GX390
Output 240 Volt, 7000 Watt
Noise Rating 52 dB


In this blog, we talk about Honda Used Generators. Honda is one of the best brands of Generators. We have talked about the benefits and a few models of Honda Used Generators in this blog. If you want help related to the Used generator you can contact our EO Energy Service.

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