Guidelines for medicine delivery application: The features to be incorporated

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Medicines are an essential part of everyone’s life. People go to medicine shops and buy their pills. The traditional method has specific cons like standing in long queues, no reduction in medicinal costs, and lack of authenticity of medicines. The present-day process is the purchase of drugs through Uber for pharmacy delivery applications, and users can start using it by downloading the app, signing into it, and locating a store or a pharmacist to get the prescribed medicine. On the other hand, the store or pharmacists can provide medication to their customers by viewing the request and details.

Statistics show a steady increase in the number of people purchasing medicines through on-demand medicine delivery applications. According to the Zion market report, the global e-pharmacy market was estimated to be $42 billion as of 2018 and is to reach $107 billion by 2025. 

Developing an on-demand medicine delivery app is a promising area, people tend to make purchases via mobile, and this particular niche is under development. In the US, 64% percent of people rely on medicines, but only 4% of them use online for the purchase of medicines.

Let us explore how the on-demand medicine delivery app assists its customers.

Benefits of Uber for pharmacy delivery application:

  • On-time delivery: The users can track the medicines at every stage, and it ensures the timely delivery of the medicines.
  • Price comparison: The application allows users to compare the price from various dealers and provides the best price. 
  • Travel cost and time savings: The time spent on buying the medicines in long queues is avoided. 
  • Automatic refills: The automatic refill option helps users to set reminders for the purchase of pills.
  • Authentic medicines: The application provides medicines from verified providers.

Working of Medicine Delivery App:

  • Set a profile
  • Book an order
  • Track delivery in-real time
  • Delivery of medicine
  • Payment processing

Apart from the normal process, it has certain specific features. The government regulation demands that each customer should provide a valid prescription during the purchase of medicine through the application. 

Features of Uber for pharmacy delivery app:

During online medicine delivery app development, make sure to include the following features.

The user app should consist of the following:

  • Profile: Users need to sign up with the app by providing the necessary information. While buying the medicine, they need to scan their prescriptions.
  • Advanced filter: There are various parameters associated with the sort options like the type of pill, price, manufacturer date, etc.
  • In-chat options: It allows users to chat with the assigned delivery personnel. The feature also includes chat options to communicate with doctors.
  • Multiple-lingual options: It supports many languages, and users can choose according to their preferences.
  • Payments: Users have multiple payment options available like Paytm, credit, and debit cards. There is also the option to pay cash on delivery.
  • Delivery options: Users can either have the medicines delivered to their home or pick it up from the nearest available store.
  • Scheduled deliveries: Users can pre-book the drugs according to their convenience. They can set reminders for booking.
  • Map: The application is linked with GPS services so users can track their medicines promptly.
  • Notifications: The remainders update users at every stage of the transactions.
  • Discounts Coupons: The users can avail discounts in their orders by typing the unique code. They can also get discounts by referring the app to others.
  • Ratings: Delivery quality is essential. Customers should be able to report errors and rate services. The delivery personnel is evaluated based on the ratings given by the users.
  • Refund query: It includes a specific refund policy and a particular section where customers can claim a refund. They can also return their products if they are not satisfied with the service availed.

The delivery agent app has the following features:

  • Profile: It contains the details of delivery executives, along with their photographs for identification purposes.
  • Navigation: The GPS services guide the delivery agent to reach user locations.
  • Notifications: When a pharmacy confirms an order, delivery agents are notified.
  • View Earnings: Delivery agents can view their earnings after each delivery.
  • Status: There are two options in this feature available and not available. Delivery agents can change it according to their preference.

The  Pharmacy store owner panel has the following features:

  • Secured login: The admin panel requires access by OTP and necessary details. The admin is alerted about the unknown user through mail and SMS.
  • Manage Inventory: Admin can manage the inventory stock details and get notified for fewer stocks.
  • Manage Payments: Admin can make payments to the vendors and other business associates.
  • Handle stocks: The status of each medicine like new, moderate, and about to expire, is displayed.
  • Transactions: The admin can view the profits made. It includes a detailed view of each sale made.
  • Statistics: The real-time graphical analysis of the net profits earned, and it provides suggestions on areas of improvement.

The technology used in the On-demand medicine delivery app:

Admin Panel:

These are the following technologies used at admin’s end:

  • AngularJS
  • PHP
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3 
  • MySQL
  • Apache

User App:

These are the following technologies used at the user’s end:

  • Java
  • Swift


The pharmacies benefit from these medicine delivery applications. It expands the market of these shops or vendors and ensures regular customers. Chronic patients are reminded at the right time for purchasing their medicine. The app is suitable for people of all cadre as it supports multiple languages. The administrators can improve their business through this application. It ensures the timely delivery of the products to its customers. The customers can also consult the doctors for their illness, and this support is available 24/7. The cloud storage ensures continuous updation of data, and it can support many users simultaneously without any lag.

 The on-demand medicine delivery app has ongoing user demand. More people prefer online delivery for purchase of the exact medicine. In regards to medicine, the same prescribed medicine needs to be delivered regularly; otherwise, it will lead to many side effects. The online platform has a unique code for each purchase to ensure users of the authentic medicine delivery. 

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