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First Look At The ‘Men In Black’ Spin-Off With Chris Hemsworth And Tessa Thompson

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The original Men in Black is now older enough to buy alcohol, which is to say it’s old enough to be rebooted. The forthcoming blockbuster called, simply, MIB is technically a spin-off, which is to say it’s absent original stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones (or even Josh Brolin, who played the younger Jones, complete with prosthetic ears, in Men in Black 3). Instead of Agents J and K, we’re getting Agents H and M, played by Thor alumni Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson. MIB has been shooting since July, so it’s strange that we’re only now getting a look at what Thompson and Hemsworth look like as our new agents. Also notable is how it’s coming not as a glossy studio image but from the latter’s Instagram account.

Chirs hemsworth

Of course, what were we expecting? We know what they’re going to look like: They’re going to wear suits, with black ties. And so they are, minus the jackets.

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