Fawad Chaudhry Just Gave Zero Fucks And Called Out India for Terrorism On Indian TV

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Fawad Chaudhry just killed it by putting India on blast while giving an interview to an Indian TV channel

In a recent interview with Indian Channel, India Today, Fawad Chaudhry, our Information and Broadcasting minister, told his interviewer that he believes India is involved in terrorism in Pakistan.

fawad chaudhry

The statement came up when Fawad was asked to address terrorism in Pakistan, to which Fawad responded with his very candid answer in touching on Kashmir and Indian involvement in the dispute.

Now, there could have perhaps been other more sensible ways to address the question, Fawad could have been more dignified, politically correct and lol, just used his common sense and decorum when speaking so candidly in an interview on TV.

It seems that Pakistanis are extremely happy with the way Fawad responded.

Many of them stating that finally, someone answered the questions of the Indian media directly, without hiding behind smoke and mirrors. Since then, it is no surprise that people on both sides of the border having something to say about it.

Many also appreciated the fact that the journalist kept her cool and listened to everything Fawad had to say without jumping to defend her country.

Fawad’s remarks are important because they come at a time when India has rejected the offer of friendship that Pakistan had recently extended them

Since his inauguration, Imran pledged to the nation that he would do whatever he could to fix ties with our Indian neighbors and do whatever we could to reach some sort of level of peace between both countries.

However, in recent events, it has proved to be quite the opposite with India responding to our olive branch with a direct rejection.

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