Essential Baby Care Products for Your Newborn

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When you embark on the journey of parenthood, which is filled with excitement, you also have to shoulder responsibilities. Time flies away quite swiftly while taking care of the little ones. Being new parents, you have to be extra cautious in buying essential baby care products for your newborn.

There are some products that you have to use religiously for your infant. Today, the market is loaded with plenty of brands that specialize in making products for babies. However, when you are shopping, go for the natural baby products Canada that is gentle on their delicate skin.

When purchasing baby care items, the list can be long and you may end up picking fancy ones. Here are some essential products which you might be missing out on.

List of Essential Baby Care Products for Newborn

  • Baby Food

Along with breastfeeding and bottle-feeding the child for months, you need to rely on packaged baby foods before switching to solids. The baby foods are available in various forms depending upon the development stages of the body and growth.

For the initial stages, it can be made from a single ingredient but as the baby grows, it will have a combination of 2-5 ingredients. You can consult with your pediatrician to start on the baby food for your little ones.

  • Disposable Diapers

The little ones can easily wet their clothes and other objects around. Getting a pack of newborn baby diapers is a good start for the babies. This is an essential baby care product that you have to purchase from a nearby shop or a vitamin online store for a couple of years.

The diapers are in contact with the most sensitive areas of the babies, so it is necessary to find a good one. Also, keep yourself aware to change the diapers timely for keeping the baby happy, healthy, and dry. Go for the disposable diapers that are convenient to change and dispose of, especially when you are traveling outside.

  • Diaper Rash Cream

Diaper rashes are a common phenomenon among infants. If you see slight red dots appearing on the bottoms or thighs of your baby, use diaper rash cream to relieve them. Use certified organic or natural cream that is mild on the baby’s skin.

It can be a little expensive compared to the regular cream, but totally safe to be applied on the skin. If you wish to avoid skin allergies on your baby, avoid using the regular cheap cream.

  • Wet Wipes

Baby wipes are a good option to cleanse the little ones and maintain their personal hygiene. These are medium-sized wet towelette saturated with alcohol-based gentle cleansers. It is a feasible option for the parents especially the mothers to clean the face, body and bums of the baby.

While there are several products available in the market, pick the one that is unscented and free from harmful chemicals, like parabens.

  • Baby Shampoos

Being a parent, you need to maintain a proper hair care regime for your baby. You have to get the right hair products that are completely safe to use. Baby shampoo is great to cleanse hair and gentle scalp once-twice in a week.

Most baby shampoos are formulated with less irritating ingredients and don’t cause any stinging sensation even if it gets into the eyes. The mild components are free from harmful chemicals, like parabens, sulphates, phthalates and dyes. Gently lather and rinse to wash away the dirt and germs on the fine baby hairs, leaving it soft and silky.

  • Baby Moisturizer Cream

In the handful list of necessities, baby moisturizer is a must-have item for your little ones. It helps to lock in the moisture by combating skin dryness, irritation, and potential loss of water. Just after the infants finish their bath, apply the cream to nourish the skin.

The moisturizing routine should also be followed before bedtime. Go for a formulation that is hypoallergenic and free from paraben, phthalate, and artificial fragrance.

  • Baby Oil

Baby oil is a miracle baby care product that has multiple benefits. There is nothing like newborn softness and baby body oils can replenish their delicate skin.

It is an ideal product for massaging infants and providing them a relaxing feeling. Massaging is good for the nourishment of the skin with natural oils and promoting blood circulation in the little ones.

Alternatively, baby oil can be used in place of a baby lotion to moisturize the body parts. Apart from this, baby oil is good to treat skin conditions like rashes and eczema.

  • Baby Body Wash

Do you want your little ones to engage in a fun bathing time? Explore the range of baby body wash products that are a perfect substitute for the soaps. Infants don’t need intense bath time, they need gentle scrubbing and cleaning all over the body parts.

Baby body washes are curated with the goodness of baby-safe ingredients that keep the skin hydrated as well as clean. Some of these baby body wash combos with a shampoo which means a complete bath care product.

  • Baby Toothpaste

Once the tooth starts to peek out from the enamel, it is time to use toothpaste along with a soft toothbrush. While you may think of using a normal toothpaste, it is better to switch to ones formulated specifically for infants. Most adult toothbrushes contain formulas with whiteners and brighteners that aren’t suitable for the budding teeth.

You can prefer your child’s oral care product with fluoride that helps to prevent early tooth decay and cavities. A pea-size amount aptly cleans the mouth and it isn’t that harmful even if the babies swallow it.

Bottom Line

These are the checklist of some essential items that you need to take care of your infants. You can begin your shopping with these baby care products that are needed in almost every other baby care routine.

Apart from these, you can also include other items that you consider best for the use.

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