Discover Armenia For Yourself With Armenia Fly Drive Tours!

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Individuality and independence, ease of movement and familiarity with the country, ease of planning and affordable budget are the advantages of traveling by car and driving in Armenia.

Armenia Fly Drive is a Tour For Those Who Want to See Real Armenia!

Armenia fly and drive is a fairly new type of travel, which found a response among those who love freedom and are used to planning their own trips.

Fly drive Yerevan Armenia tour is an opportunity to get acquainted with the most interesting corners of Armenia, visit splendid churches and small towns with architecture and cultural monuments of different centuries.


Tips and History of Development of Armenia Fly and Drive Tours:

Fly & drive programs ​​appeared on the tourism market in the mid-90s. And every year interest in this type of tourism is growing. Nothing attracts an inquisitive traveler more than complete freedom. You can feel it only when you rent a car in Armenia and roll it towards new impressions and adventures while driving in Armenia.

A typical fly drive packages to Armenia is a combination of air travel and traveling in a rented car along a pre-designed route. Such trips are in demand among people who prefer to travel alone, small companies or families. Armenia fly and drive programs have several significant advantages, the most important is complete freedom of movement.

As a rule, client controls the car himself, although tour package may include driver and guide services.

A huge plus of Armenia fly drive tour is an abundance of attractions, as well as the safety of the traveler and his car.

A standard fly drive Armenia tour includes car rental (excluding the day of arrival and day of departure), accommodation in pre-booked hotels along the entire route, reference books and maps, detailed description of the route, recommendations for traveling and visiting places of interest along the way. Thus, traveling around Armenia, tourists will move according to plan, without losing a sense of freedom, independently determining time and duration of visits to certain historical objects.

Significant Details of Fly Drive Yerevan Armenia Tours:

We made up fly drive packages to Armenia with tips on what to see and included both world-famous sights and monuments, and little-known, but no less remarkable sights.

Sometimes process of revision takes several weeks, so fly & drive tours are best ordered at least one month before the planned departure date.

The duration of Armenia fly drive programs varies greatly from a few days (which is usually unprofitable) to a month and a half. The greatest demand is for 7, 10 and 14-day trips.


Fly drive packages to Armenia is complete freedom of action, the lack of attachment to the group, opportunity to go where no tourist buses go, and at the same time absolute comfort!

Whether you want to wander through the green forests of Dilijan or admire the crystalline Lake Sevan, taste the intense city life in Yerevan or see majestic and enigmatical Tatev Monastery: all kinds of recreation are easily compatible if you are traveling by car in Armenia by taking advantage of Armenia fly drive tours.

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