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Did You Know the Benefits of Installing Movable Walls?

Movable or operable walls are gaining all the hype and for all the right reasons. Turning a TV lounge into a mini-theater for the whole family to watch a movie becomes easy. Of course, there are many other benefits too. If you haven’t considered installing one or maybe two in your house, it’s time that you make a wise investment.

Benefits of Movable Walls

Here are all the benefits that you will reap from installing operable walls:

Sound Reduction

What encouraged me to invest in one was my mother’s never-ending love affair with her TV powered by the Cox Contour TV plan. She would spend hours watching her favorite shows in the lounge and the noise would distract me. One day when things became completely unbearable, I Googled options that could help me get rid of the noise. And there I was looking at an option I had never heard of before – a movable wall.

Since the day we got it installed in our lounge I am a happy person who does not have to bear any of the unwanted noises. If you are in the same boat, you should consider an operable wall. It will work wonders for you.

Space Utilization

Movable walls also make it easier for you to make the best use of the space available to you. These walls are multifunctional which means that you can maximize and minimize space at your convenience. You would want to consider them if you use a space in your house for multipurpose. The walls do not consume any space of their own so you do not have to worry about that.

All you have to do is slide them forward or shift them back whenever you need a smaller or a bigger space. It is as easy as that. Operable walls are ideal for merging rooms when you have get-togethers at your places. Even the office space that makes the best use of them in times of conferences.

No Floor Track

You will come across various options when it comes to the types of operable walls. Make sure to opt for the one that does not have a floor track. Installing walls that do not have these tracks will beautify your space in the best way possible. Because these walls make it easy for the guests to move around in rooms and open spaces in your house.

Floor track acts as a hurdle for people especially when they are moving from one place to another. Someone can end up hurting himself too if they do not see the floor track.


Operable walls allow you to add versatility to your house. Many of them come at an affordable price tag too. You can install them wherever you wish to and change the room’s overall look.


The design that you choose also enhances the look of your room a great deal. The various designs will give your room a chic look. You can even choose from a variety of different colors. Thus, giving you more room to make the space vibrant.

Reasons for Getting Your Movable Walls Serviced

Once you get these walls installed, you have to care for them as well. Here are the reasons why…


If you care about the safety of those around you, you would want to get these walls serviced. Regular maintenance of these walls means that you can continue using them safely without any fear of causing any damage to any person.

Increased Lifespan

Everyone wishes to increase the lifespan of his products. Assuming that you would want the same for your operable walls, it is recommended that you get them serviced. Ask a technician to do that for you. Do not opt for the self-service options to save a couple of bucks.

Acoustic Performance

It gives joy to everyone to see his/her product operating at almost the same performance level as it was when it was new. Getting your movable walls serviced will help ensure that they perform the best for years to come.

However, make sure that you keep in constant touch with the team of technicians of the company you purchase the wall from. If you select a good vendor, their customer care department will address all your queries and issues whenever you contact them. Just like Cox customer care reps resolve all issues that my mother faces as soon as they arise. I think I get the reason behind her mini love affair with the company.

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