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Desis Are Turning “The Nun” Into A Meme And The Only Thing Scary Is How Hilarious It Really Is

By September 11, 2018 No Comments

“The Nun” is a spin-off of Conjuring 2, which revolves around a priest with a haunted and a novitiate, who are sent by the Vatican to investigate a young nun’s suicide. They discover an evil force in the form of the same demonic Nun we saw in Conjuring 2, and of course, they fight it.

However, as of late, it isn’t the trailer, nor the actual movie that’s making a lot of noise. It’s the movie’s poster. 

The Nun

Not gonna lie, the poster is pretty creepy looking, so the fact that desis have meme’d the hell out of it is really… something. Once you take a look at all of these memes, you won’t even remember the original scary poster. Trust me on this.

Let’s start off with something clean before getting dirty

The Nun is a scary movie, but silence is a lot scarier

Desi Nun Mamnoon

Ready to get a little dirty? PARENTAL ADVISORY REQUIRED

Umer Akmal

Last but not the least…

Anushka Sharma Nun

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