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Choose The Best Fabric Banners For Business

You have several questions lingering in your mind while you are deciding upon using a new visual solution and have decided to go ahead with fabric banners Vancouver. There are several options for you to think on basically the size, the design, the stand as well as display option.

Last but on the least, you also need to decide on the material that you would be using here. This is something very important here that will serve you at the best of the investment you make. You have two options here, vinyl or fabric.

However, there are a few sub-options of these that can cater to certain environments and uses, but those specifics are beyond the scope of what we will cover here.

Vinyl or Fabric?

Let’s look at the main differences and then we’ll go into detail about them…


Cost is probably the highest criterium on most lists.


Fabric or vinyl will have an impact on the overall appearance of the banner, mostly because of surface textures and other material characteristics.


Where and when it will be used and how long it can be used in this way before it fails or looks bad.


When transporting a banner, by shipping, car, plane or train, it will be different depending on your banner.


This will matter the more you use your banner, if it’s just a single-use banner then this will not apply to your situation.

Cost Factors:

The cost of a banner relies on a few factors.

  • Size
  • Material
  • Ink cost
  • Finishing
  • Lead times
  • Size


As we learned above material will play a part in the cost of the banner. This is simply because some materials cost more than others. Typically fabric will be more expensive across the board because it is a more expensive material to make and use.


Ink is a very specialized and technical part of this equation. There are differences in ink down to molecular levels that determine its durability and longevity. Most high-quality printers will use long-lasting and durable inks and some companies will use the cheapest on the market to keep costs down.

The banner with the darker background will require more ink and therefore cost more to produce.


Finishing a banner means, what needs to be done to a banner after it is printed to fulfill the order and allow the banner to be easily displayed whether it be hanging on a building or put on a banner stand?

All custom banners Vancouver can have grommets, pole pockets, Velcro or simply straight trimmed. The only difference here is that fabric banners require a special trimming method called a hot knife and the edges, whether it’s ahem, pole pocket or Velcro, will need to be sewn to maintain the integrity and lasting quality.

Lead Times:

This applies to both fabric and vinyl. The less time between placing an order and needing to receive the order, the more your order will cost. Rush orders exist because we know sometimes things need to happen fast, but doing certain orders fast requires pushing other orders back and/or having staff go into overtime and extending working hours which all costs money. So the more time you allow for your production the cheaper your banner will be.


The main differences in appearance between fabric and vinyl are the surface texture and translucency. If your banner will be part of a photo opportunity you will want to make sure you get a matte finish whether it is vinyl or fabric.

However, fabric banners will have a much better appearance in photos because of their inherent surface texture.

If lighting isn’t an issue then the only note here is that fabric banners can appear more elegant simply because they are fabric and not plastic vinyl. If you’re shopping for a multiple-use banner and will be transporting it, the appearance of the banner will heavily depend on the care of the shipping and handling its involved in and a fabric banner is much easier to manage in that regard.


Vinyl banners are more durable IF it will be used outdoors AND you roll it up correctly when stored or transporting it.

Fabric banners are more durable IF you plan on using it over and over again in short term events indoors AND it is properly cared for when transporting.


This is a pretty big factor in many cases, as traveling is a big part of marketing and promotion and you want to transport your banner as easy as possible.

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