Best Ways to Increase Long Life for Your Clothing

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Isn’t it surprising that clothing production is the second most polluted country in the world after the petroleum industry? We collected surprising facts about the impact of plants on the environment, and in addition, provided tips on how to make clothes last longer and thus better on the planet.

If you like shiny sequins, leather, and suede, or soft cotton and rubber, then how to maintain your clothes will greatly affect the length of your clothes. In the future, you can also save money by taking appropriate measures to buy Pakistani clothes online, such as taking good care of your clothes.

Read Care Labels

Laundry Symbols Explained: Complete Care Label Guide

Believe it or not, failure to follow the laundry care instructions is the number one cause of poor product washing, including the manufacturer. Here are some common tips on washing/drying and how to cover clothes.

Only when wetted and rubbed by hand, the components are considered to be very soft in the hard machine cycle, so these items should usually be placed on a flat place for drying and in the dryer where the mark is located. Temperature and sweetness should be considered.

Avoid Toxic and Intense

Say No to Toxic Clothing (Why We Should Wear Chemical Free Clothes) – Cottonique - Allergy-free Apparel

With the continuous development of the industry, all the negative effects of production will have a greater impact. ( In most producing countries, there are no rules on how to treat toxic water (including arsenic and mercury). it enters rivers and oceans directly. It can directly affect aquatic habitats, and toxins can overflow and enter the pipeline system of millions of people.

Not to mention the water consumption associated with cotton production. Traditionally, the company used nearly 10,000 liters of freshwater to produce 1 kg of cotton (, and we are more than that. After making these Pakistani clothes, the company will use some more water during death.

Hang Clothes to Dry

Drying Clothes With Less Energy - GreenBuildingAdvisor

Because the clothes dryer can quickly enter the clothes, it is best to hang up your favorite items to dry. In spring and summer, you can hang them outdoors, and in cold months, you can hang them somewhere. Good ventilation in your home to see that can also prevent dehydration.

Don’t Wash Clean Clothes

Coronavirus prevention: Tips on how to wash your clothes during the pandemic - Times of India

If you only wear clothes that look clean and fresh for a few hours, you don’t need to wash the clothes again. You need to use it several times before washing to save his life. For example, if you wear only one piece of Pakistani clothing Take it out and hang it in the room after returning home, which can extend the church time on Sunday.

How to Use Clothes?

Do not spray perfume directly on clothes! Deal with the dirt immediately and as appropriate! It can be cleaned with natural waste. Hang clothes so that you don’t have to iron or steam them.

Extremely hot or humid places will damage the wires, and keep them properly! After not using it, of course you can consider donating, replacing or selling it instead of discarding it. Even if there are a lot of tattered clothes, you can repeat it in many ways at home!

Wear Aprons While Cooking

Have you ever wondered why grandma wears a scarf every time she comes to the kitchen? She understands the importance of taking care of clothes. If you plan to wash your clothes a bit more, problems will arise.

Buy Fabrics That are Durable

If you choose, please buy clothes that are natural and durable and require little maintenance. Sometimes the fabric is longer than other fabrics. The cotton/polyester blend fabric is easier to maintain and has a god one span. Rayon/polyester fiber is something that is difficult to care for and is often overlooked, especially when you are busy.

Wash at Low Temperatures

It’s time to wash clothes, wash clothes at low temperatures “Wash clothes at low temperatures with natural mild soap to keep clothes clean and soft and prevent discoloration,” he said. Suggest Morton. For an average one-year shirt, 80% of the fumes generated during the “life cycle” use process are washing and drying after drying-washing at 30° or below helps reduce fumes and protects clothes. It may cause the temperature to be too high, except for items that are too close to your skin, such as underwear, bedding, and towels.

Use eco-laundry Detergents and Powders

Conventional cleaning equipment may contain fossil fuels because it is not biodegraded and therefore may have a negative. Chris said: “Using professional products, such as our various types of ecological washing and soft hand washing, can also make your most expensive products last longer.” Fortunately, more and more plants are now waterproof Washing powder made of materials and additional bonuses that can be added.

For example, the cleaning products provided by B Corps and Method are mainly natural, plant-based materials are packed in 100% recyclable plastic bottles, and Doctor’s Clothing is a new type of laundry detergent used for cashmere, silk, and daily plant-based ingredients Of soft fibers and packed in a bottle. Recyclable aluminum (additional procedures are also provided).

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