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Actress Resham And Reham Khan Are In A Weird Fight And Like, WTF!?!

By September 10, 2018 No Comments

Resham has been part of the Pakistani entertainment industry for quite a while now. She’s a name that is recognized all over the country and in every house. She represents the golden era of Pakistani film and television, however, is still a massive name in the industry.

She keeps all her fans updated on her life through her Instagram 

She recently gave an interview where she bared it all. Her comments on Reham Khan, however, stood out the most. Apparently, in her rather scandalous book, she mentioned Resham.

Resham revealed that she was flooded with screenshots of the excerpt where she’s mentioned.

According to Resham, Reham used celebrities that are generally not involved in scandals. She said that Reham essentially just used some famous names to get her book the spotlight.

Resham then goes on to say this; ‘Reham Khan aurat ki badtareen misaal hai, aur Jemima Khan aurat ki behtareen misaal hai.’ 

Reham khan

As Resham’s interview caught more traction, the news apparently, reached Reham. She tweeted out, claiming that she never included Resham’s photo in the book

Reham khan about resham

So yeah, there is just a lot of confusion.

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