9 Fun Facts About Iceland

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Iceland a most beautiful country in the world which is located in the North Atlantic Ocean. The population of this country is less than in other countries but it comes in the top 10 countries in which where the furniture is different fun to watch. Population of Iceland is  339.031 (2019 – rank 180th in the world), and the capital is Icelandic krona (ISK). The total area of Iceland is 103,000, which is full of nature and beauty.

The official language is Icelandic, this country is famous due to his beauty. His name shows that this will be the land of snow and ice but this is not reality yes it is a cloud country. but in the summer its beauty is watchable. Every Year a lot of people comes to Iceland for internment and outing. As it is stand up the top for its beauty, by the way, it is also on the top in terms of its fun facts. You will be shocked to read it.

No Bees and Mosquitoes:

Iceland will be the only country in the world where files and mosquitos are not found. The reason behind this it’s country temperature. In the winter the temperature remains near about 0 that’s why no mosquitoes exist.

No Waiter Tip:

When someone happy for the waiter then he in return gave some tip (money) to the waiter for his good service. But Iceland is also different in the matter, here one someone gives him tip he considers him his insult. Remain in mind whenever you go to the restaurant then do not tip a waiter.

No Army:

Iceland has no army because it’s population is very less. And the second reason is people, they are very peaceful and patient. Even the police do not use the weapon. If is simply explain this is the in the No 1 country in the world where crime rate is near about 0.

Lesbian is Allow:

Lesbian is not considered good in this world but Lesbian allowed in this country. Women can marry women and men with men. According to the law of Iceland, they have all the freedom and respect as a citizen should be.

Unique Timing of Day and Night:

In the world has some time for day and night but Iceland is in the corner in the world. Sometime the sun does not arrive weeks and months, but on the other hand, from May to July Sun hides only for 3 hours, but a little lite remain in the surface. A large number of people come every year to see this beautiful scene.

Best Country to Watch The Sky:

Do you know that when first-person gone in the moon his training took place in Iceland because the surface of Iceland is similar than the moon. Everyone must have seen in the sky, according to the sky Iceland is near in the sky you can see the real beauty of the sky in Iceland.Visit Now

Ban porn and Clubs:

Iceland is not a Muslim country and also is a highly developed country but here porn sites and also dancing club is ban.

No European Union Part:

yes, of course, Iceland is not the part of Europen union. His neighbor countries are Greenland and Scotland.

Bath is Springs:

Whenever you go to Iceland your wish has to bath in the springs but hold on if you want to take a bath in the Springs of Iceland then according to the rule. You will take a bath in front of people and then you can enter in the springs. Every person that want take a bath in the springs then first he performs it.


These are the fun facts of Iceland. Iceland is like Pakistani City Lahore. It is the best place for tourism where you can see everything real and natural. It has a lot of things that other country do not as I told you all fun facts are amazing and for watchable.

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